Football: Ticketing Scam never fails to amaze

The Malaysia Cup final is this Saturday.

And the clamour for tickets started as soon as the final whistle went at the end of the second leg semi finals.

No doubt Kedah and Johor have a tremendous fan base.

Was this the factor that inclined MFL to capitalise and increase the ticket prices?

From RM50 for last years final, the prices are now ranging from RM50 to RM150,

So why did the joint President of FAM and MFL allow this to happen?

Let’s take things one step at a time,

Firstly there was an attempt to take the finals to Shah Alam Stadium, where the capacity would have been smaller, around 65k.

As opposed to Bukit Jalil Stadium where easily 85k tickets can be sold.

So whose idea was it to move the match in the first place given MFL has made the booking for the National Stadium?

If we look at the economics, it does not make any sense, on one side you wanted to hold it at a smaller capacity stadia and when you decide on a bigger capacity stadia, you increase the price.

Does this make any sense other then the only reason it is to get more money into their coffers.

The FA Cup final saw an event management company being engaged, to do what, no one is aware, other then it’s probably a crony company.

There is a malice in our Football where merits and principles mean nothing to those running it.

To them it’s all about bank balances, god knows whose, their own or the establishment.

But one thing is certain, there are scams going around in terms of ticket sales.

I tried to secure tickets of RM150 but barely two hours after they supposedly went on sale, there was a posting at the MFL Facebook that the tickets were sold out,

So I tried to do my maths, 1,500 tickets, at 2 per transaction, it does not make sense especially as it takes around 7-10 minutes to clear one transaction.

And lo behold, two days after that I was offered the RM150 ticket directly, by someone.

It’s bad for the image of MFL.

And another question – why have the fans got to purchase their tickets from Shoppee?

What’s the deal here? They are not the title sponsors.

So why accord them the privilege?

Three years ago a proposal was given to MFL to have hotel packages with match tickets as done in Europe for big matches.

That was turned down flatly by Kevin Ramalingam , the CEO.

But today a company like Shoppee is given exclusive rights to sell the remaining tickets?

Why are the tickets not sold online through the TicketHotline Portal?

The scans continue and the joint President of FAM and MFL is probably dishing out freebies from his abode at Kelana Jaya to cronies as others ponder how to genuinely buy tickets.

It’s shameful when grown men behave like a bunch of idiots.