Football: Time for stakeholders to be professional

The next two days will be crucial for Malaysian Football.

For the stakeholders and the Malaysian Football League Board will sit down to chart the future.

And this is where maturity and understanding as well as business acumen will come into play.

The teams/clubs/states are all eyeing a portion of the money that was secured from the Telekom Malaysia and CIMB deals.

For reasons known best to them, MFL has not revealed the quantum thus the guessing game continues.

What the stakeholders and teams must realise is the load on the head of the MFL President Dato Hamidin Amin and Acting CEO Dato Ghani Hassan.

These two are burdened with debts that were created by others and have the mammoth task of clearing up debts.

From what is gathered, MFL will need a cash injection of around RM40 million to stay relevant.

Therefore instead of using the media or other channels to push for subsidy or grants, it’s time these teams/clubs start thinking professionally.

It is believed that steps have been taken to reduce operating costs at MFL.

But they need to utilise the money they have raised to deliver their end of the sponsorship deal for TM and CIMB.

One of the most important aspects, other then the usual branding , is the broadcast commitment.

And towards that s MFL is duty bound to prepare the feed for TM to air on a platform of their choice.

So it is imperative that while these teams want their share of the money, they must also learn to be patient.

As a GLC, it’s tough dealing with TM as they have set regulations and standard operation procedures before money is released.

And in order for money from TM and CIMB to flow in, it is important that the stakeholders carry themselves with utmost dignity.

So instead of going there to ask what you are getting, perhaps it’s time to behave truly like shareholders.

In any business, the profits are shared at the end of the year and it should be no different for MFL.

Let Hamidin and Ghani chart the voyage of MFL, let them try their best to entice more sponsors.

The league does not need negativity, such as unpaid salaries or unpaid rentals or so forth.

With or without the so called subsidy or grant, the teams must put their minds towards improving our Football scenario.

Admittedly there have been many mistakes done in the past, but looking at Hamidin when we met on Valentines Day, he sounds genuine. A person who I believe is risking his health for football, something no one should do.

So if all those involved in Football have any sense of responsibility, it’s time to tighten their belts.

This is a roller coaster ride, it’s in the down side now, but with sense and sensibility it can go right again.

Just cut the trolls. Back to basic and stop arguing about money.

Only then we will have hope.