Football; TM serving up a RM30 million deal?

It was a rainy day throughout most parts of the country.

And it was no different in Tampin.

However it was with a slight difference then living in KL.

I miss staying in KL but it was no longer possible due to unfulfilled promises by a double president who upon advise from his cronies decided to steer clear of me completely.

Anyway a little bird dropped in on my window sill and whispered this:

“ Telekom Malaysia Board has approved a RM30 million sponsorship for M- League. More details when I drop in next tomorrow. Weather permitting”.

So it’s still unknown if the sponsorship is for title or broadcast rights.

For those who may wonder why broadcast, it’s because TM through Unifi has a platform to air matches

Which then brings the question who does the productions?

If it’s outsourced say to RTM or Astro, then the bulk of the money goes towards production costs.

Let’s say an average of RM120,000 per match which will work out to be 3.6 million for 30 matches.

And if done by MFL Productions, the cost will be half of that or double the number of matches.

Go do the maths stakeholders.

But remember this, you saw the figure here first.

Still wondering who leaked it out Datuk Hamidin?

Surely by now you will know it is leaking all over, no thanks to the rain the whole day.