Football: When more cronies are appointed , what hope for sports?

Malaysian sports surely has changed for the worse, all in the name of progress.

Yes, we need to change with tines, to set a new benchmark, to attain better success, or in simple words to be more professional both in approach and outlook.

But this has presented a window of opportunity to certain individuals to enrich themselves personally, all in the name of sports.

This is called self-enriching of those in sports. Kind of a new sport for some.

Most of these highly paid individuals that in actual fact could not even hold a candle to the volunteers of yesteryears in terms of ability, knowledge and deliverables are akin to a type of cancer that has inflicted much damage.

And yet many of us are guilty of according then respect, even honorific titles.

These so called fully paid Presidents, Secretary Generals, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Commercial Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and General Managers who is reality are nothing but a bloody disgrace to our sports.

Almost all receive remuneration that is considered a better overall package then a government servant who is placed Grade of Jusa B ( Superscale) , like the NSC Director General or NSI CEO or even the Sports Commissioner.

For a civil servant to reach that kind of a scale in terms of perks , it will take the individual a good 30-35 years of service, moving up the ladder with yearly increments, passing exams and attending compulsory course.

As they say when you get there, you hardly have time to enjoy the salary and ghd next thing you know it’s time to retire!

And they need the relevant qualifications coupled with years of experience before they get a salary that will give them a pension of RM12k monthly.

But these days from purely administrative staff, be it elected Presidents, Deputy Presidents and others like CEO, COO, GM, earn anything between RM10,000 to RM100,000.

Paying such exorbitant amounts is daylight robbery, especially when their sports is often in the news for lack of money for activities and often we hear sob tales of begging bowls going out.

But do these individuals even have an iota of shame that in reality they do not deserve such salaries, not when they claim that they are passionate in sports.

In reality where does the money that the government or sponsors cough up actually go?

Towards the betterment of the sport or towards making a healthy bank balance for certain individuals?

Where is the NSC in all this?

Whatever happened to them paying an individual employed under the Executive Secretary Scheme gone to?

The amount used to be RM1,500 before it was raised to RM2,500 and then to RM3,500.

So if these high spending sports associations can afford to pay top notch salaries and still want handouts from NSC or KBS, this must be stopped by the new Sports Minister.

In other words there needs to be a clear cut policy, those who can afford mega salaries should no longer depend on government funding their activities.

All national sports associations that receive financial aid from the government will have to declare their monthly wage bill to the Ministry so as to justify any request for grants or aid.

There is a saying, if you have it, you can flaunt it, so in reality if these associations can afford to pay mega ringgits, they surely need not seek any government funding for their activities.

Yes many will get upset with this suggestion and if it’s actually implemented , but the stark reality is this is the time to tighten our belts, to start managing finances well, to start reducing overheads, not increasing salaries, not increasing staff, not employing cronies.

The Covid 19 virus is hitting our economy badly, so bad that many sports could lose their funding.

Yet while these “ flatly” paid executives do as to say sit in their bums for the MCO, ironically they still get paid.

Have we heard any of them donate half their salary so as to say to good causes like the front liners in the Ministry of Health, Police or Immigration?

Being street smart is vital in managing any institution, for it is not anyone’s family heirloom but in reality all monies belongs to the public, the tax payers who actually work their butts off.

But for a select few they wine and dine in the best silverware in restaurants we common folk barely dare walk past.

An individual is best adjudged by deliverables, not by the position on the office door or the fat salaries that is systematically and unashamedly banked in.

Let’s just take one example for comparison purposes to see if in actual fact we try to do the correct thing in sports.

In 2017 when TMJ took over as the FAM President, we saw some 20 staff being terminated, many had years of service and experienced as well.

Most involved in sports would like to know is what are the numbers in terms of staff at FAM in May 2017 and March 2020, as a comparison if there was a reduction of wage bill in order to better manage the FAM.

Cars to reveal those figures FAM in the name of transparency and good governance that the body often associates itself with?

And while you are at if, cars to reveal what are the staff figures at MFL in June 2019 and March 2020, especially since MFL is in heavy debts?

Or for that matter the actual payroll in figures of both organisations in the months mention as that itself will give a clear indication of in actual fact prudent spending is one of its strengths.

Why am I picking in football?

It is because in Football the national body terminated staff in the name of cost cutting but employed a select few.

This exercise was undertaken probably to get rid of those that never considered surplus to the cause.

One clear thing noticeable in all this big name individuals is their tendency to promote their cronies into lucrative positions, sought of reward for painstakingly hiding these so called leaders inadequacies or playing the role of a snitch

This type of management is called the divide and rule approach, creating divisions in a well established system in order to create a new dynasty.

That’s our world of sports, for individuals whi have passed away – the likes of Tan Sri Hamzah, S. Satgunam, Goh Ah Chai, Tan Sri Elyas Omar , would be squirming in their graves if they hear the shameless sums being paid to put a third class generation of pen pushers into powerful positions.

And they always say this – we are doing this for the love of sports, our passion drives us, sports runs in our blood.

When in reality it just fills your personal coffers.