Football: Who said our M League was worth RM200 million !

In seven days time October comes to an end.

And by November 2, the domestic Football season culminates with the Malaysia Cup final.

And then it starts – the media coverage on unpaid subsidy and wages by the various teams.

It is so very predictable – our Football scenario.

Let’s take it one at a time.

The MSL had announced that each Super League team will receive RM3 million and Premier League RM1 million as subsidies for participation in the M- League.

Then in March the stories started to appear on non receiving of the promised subsidies.

And the great Chief Executive Officer Kevin Ramalingam said that it will be paid soon.

The soon was not soon as it was not till July that teams received half the subsidy that was promised.

And the second payment due in August never happened, although it was Kevin who made the statement that it will be paid in two instalments – July and August.

Next we know it was promised for November, and frankly I have my doubts.

MSL, sorry to say, is a rudderless ship, floating in the ocean with no direction.

Can someone please clarify who are the sponsors of the M- League and the amount of money received?

For almost 9 months since Telekom Malaysia left, there was no title sponsor, the TV broadcast deals in a mess, the marketing plans a total failure.

Yet MFL continued to grow – not in its commercial deals but in size when it comes to staffing.

It is almost on par with FAM when it comes to staffing.

So what is the MFL Board going about this?

Firstly look at all the contracts signed with the stake holders.

Are the teams supposed to receive a stats from the broadcast deal and the commercial deals?

If it’s only the broadcast deal, then clarify this please Mr. President cum Mr. Chairman Dato Hajj Hamidin bin Mohd Amin.

If it’s solely the broadcast rights, then the teams do not deserve to receive RM3 million or RM1 million respectively unless the rights have been sold for RM48 million.

And mind you, no one knows what the commercial deals are as one sees many logos and boards but no one is aware of the value it was marketed for.

And was it not during a presentation way back in 2015 that someone claimed that the M- League was worth RM200 million?

That individual should ge publicly named and shamed by FAM and MFL for pairing a rosy state of affairs for self interest!

What interests me the most is the liabilities of MFL as that directly affects FAM.

We will now end this here, and talk on unpaid wages, vested interests and cover ups in the next article.

And paresis the counter terrorist of football bad press unit both at FAM and MFL will come out with some clarifications and not half truths.

No need to publicise visits or other uninteresting stuff.

It’s F30 right, so let’s have truths and not PR stunts .