Football: Why fret over Selangor signing AMD, it was an open market.

Much has been reported in the main stream media on the last few days on the issue of players from the Akademi Mokhtar Dahari signing up for Selangor.

However everyone seems to avoid bringing up the issue in the failure of five players sitting for their SPM this year.

While reporting on their footballing careers is fine, there ought to be a certain level of interest paid towards their academic interest, especially when SPM is the basic requirement needed to pursue higher education or a job.

So these 28 players opted for Selangor, what’s the big deal?

Simply put those who were responsible for their off the pitch future did not play their role.

The National Sports Council administer the NFDP directly.

So a question ought to be directed to them since they ( NSC ) took over the entire program after the departure of the administrative team led by the ex Chief Executive Officer Safirul Abu Bakar.

The NSC has over the years signed a host of MOU’s with institutions of higher learnings.

So why did the NSC not chart the players career path of the field that could in a way be related to their footballing abilities?

Two teams in particular UiTM FC and UKM FC play in the M-League.

These two institutions could have been invited to offer places to the players to further their studies in matriculation at the very least.

Or for that matter the Pre-U program held in the Bukit Jalil Sports School with UPM!

Almost a year these players were directly managed by NSC and they held the upper hand, be it over state FA’s or even agents as these players cannot legally sign contracts before 18 in accordance with FIFA regulations.

And when shit hits the fan, NSC retaliates, this time imposing a fee of RM207,000 for any future movement of players.

First question, even before trying to figure out the amount imposed is this – the National Football Development Program is a Federal Government funded program.

In short it is derived from tax payers, not from any State FA or by the NSC.

In fact the NSC receives federal government funding to administer and run the program,

So is the core business of her NSC to go into business of selling and marketing players?

If they feel that is the right thing, then care the NSC explain what steps they took to market this players since January 2019 knowing very well that these players will be walking out of the AMD gates in 10 months?

It seems that there are only 2 video analysts attached directly to AMD and they need to cater for 10 teams, and a grand total of 250 players.

So does the NSC think it was humanely possible to but video clips of these players, to upload them, do a professional CV and in the process invite queries from potential employer clubs?

If Football is and was never your core business, it’s time to seek help, or get the right people to run the administration.

On the topic of compensation, these players were not plucked out from the sky.

They either cane from state sports schools, normal schools, state age group teams, private academies or even trained by dedicated individuals.

So is it not fair that the compensation be shared in a proportionate manner with those who helped buried these players?

There is yet another interesting story on the education of the players at AMD that I intend to reveal tomorrow.

And do not be surprised after that many parents could well think twice in sending their kids to join AMD,

Just watch this space, as main stream media will not reveal it or follow up the truths being written, for reasons we all know.