Football : Why MFL deciding on Bkt Jalil when they in arrears ?

At time’s I do wonder why those sitting in positions of power make silly statements.

They hire ex Journalists to helm their media or corporate communications departments.

Some even hire Special Officers to look after their diary.

Where am I getting to?

Unfortunately this has to do with someone I praised only 2 weeks ago but blundered big time two days ago.

The person in question is Malaysia Football League Chief Executive Officer Dato Ghani Hassan.

He was quoted as saying that the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil could only be used by the National Football Tram.

In plain language he was yelling teams in the M League that they are never to list down Bukit Jalil as a home venue.

Well and good, but there is a but!

So your MFL and FAM want sold exclusivity towards that stadium.

If that’s the case, tell me something CEO, why does MFL owe well over RM2 million to the Stadium authorities?

And how do you expect the stadium to make ends meet when you are dictating who can or cannot play there?

If I want to organise a match between Tampin and Rantau at the stadium, who are you to say No?

Let’s be practical here, stadiums are built to be utilised and not end up as white elephants.

Besides Selangor and PJ City tried to get an alternative venue when it was your officers that blundered, throwing a spanner into the home matches of the two teams with last minute decisions.

Can we ask why was this decision not to play at Shah Alam and MBPJ Stadium taken so late?

Was someone sleeping on the job?

And was it not you Sir that said that an official was misquoted when the issue of Shah Alam was first highlighted by the media.

The decision of allowing bookings lie with the Stadium Authorities and the person responsible is the CEO.

Unless though you applied for the soon to be vacant position at Bukit Jalil?

Cup of tea at Mahboob someday?

Ask Midin for directions, they serve good roti canai I can assure you Sir.