Football: Will Malaysia Cup final move to Shah Alam?

Where will the Malaysia Cup final be held?

Though it was earlier announced that Bukit Jalil will be the venue, some disturbing news is filtering down the corridors of power from the headquarters.

It seems that there is some inking that enough pressure was exerted to move the final to Shah Alam instead.

Efforts to seek some form of clarification from the FAM President failed as he refuses to reply messages.

What is the rationale of playing in Shah Alam?

Those on social media have rebuked the suggestion – saying things like transportation chaos, leaking roof and poor pitch conditions,

And factually Shah Alam can only take in 68,000 fans as opposed to Bukit Jalil which takes in 85,000.

And what happened to the big talk of making the National Stadium as the “ Wembley” of Malaysian Football.

There can only be one decision / and that is to play at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil.

No two ways about it FAM and MFL.