Forgotten Legends of NS Hockey

Many of those who read this article will be dumbfounded as to who these individuals are.

Their sacrifices for Negeri Sembilan Hockey is legendary.

While we often speak about coaches and players that had brought glory to the state, these two, N. Balasubramaniam and S. Satgunam were in their class of their own administratively.

They served as Secretary of NSHA. Though Bala went in to be a Vice President in the later stages.

I was honoured to be acquainted with these two fine gentlemen who epitomes the spirit of volunteerism and taught me what passion was all about

Bala was a stern letter ok’ing individual but an angel at heart.

He carried himself so well that NS hockey was run with precision.

Superbly run domestic competitions as well as well prepared state teams meant that NS was a feared team.

There was no such thing as planning or promising to do better as the vase know where for past 20 years it’s the same shit on a different day.

Players committed themselves to the state training, housed at the dungeon of the NSCRC.

And up struts Bala to pay them their daily allowance, a mere RM10 to cover their food and other allowances.

To din the NS jersey was an honour, acquiring one was a rare privilege as the same attire was used year in and year out.

Office? You must be joking as Bala operated from the booth of his vehicle.

But Bala never complained, , never did he once seek self gratification.

He was all about the sport and did not bother about seeking state awards unlike these days where that is more important then the sport.

And who can forget Satgunam, a man who particularly gave up his life for hockey, be it state or national level.

Satgunam unknown to many almost lost his family home once because of hockey, but when you have leaders as dedicated as Mustapha Kamil, then Satgunam knew he would always have kind people watching over him

This individual truly and remarkably served the sport with his life, often seen on his computer at the old NSFA Office , his home for a longer part of the day.

Satgunam was like a machine, typing away at home while snaking away.

We spent countless hours together from 1983 until his death in 2004.

A memorial trophy was inaugurated by NSHA and ran for some there or four years.

But it died, like did Satgunam, the man and his memorial, both left to be forgotten by those who run the state body

Individuals like Satgunam, Lawrence van Huizen, Peter van Huizen, Michael Yan and V. Sivapathasundram had contributed so much to NS hockey that I dare say the current officials cannot hold a candle to them let alone be anything close to them.

A few passionate hockey friends have often spoken about remembering these fine individuals.

And we have been meeting up to discuss the hosting of an annual event to honour the doyens and of NS Hickey

From planning stage to reality early next year, the event , “ Remembering The Legends” will happen.

While the state body has shunned the memories of those who served with dignity, class, compassion, discipline and dedication. We intend to honour them each year.

A pity though the event while to be launched in Seremban will be held elsewhere.


We doubt the current batch of administrators will appreciate a noble and humble effort to honour our heroes of yesteryear.

And before I forget, I had helped an individual on the verge of his deathbed in 2013 but today he chooses to ridicule me.

If history repeats, would I do it again? Yes I would abd u still have a vow to fulfil at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in New Delhi, something I need to do when I recover sufficiently to travel.