Get rid of bullies says Kok Chi

The reason former Olympic Council of Malaysia Secretary General Dato Sieh Kok Chi cites for having lost interest in sport is because of the stupidity of the officials.

The 82 year old master class of Malaysian sports feels that most officials, be it at state or national levels, just give up their rights with out thinking.

And instead of administrating the sport , they install big bullies into key positions lto load over them without thinking.

“ They have all the powers but have no guts to use them, “ contends Kok Chi.

“ Surely 14 strong states is better than on parasite a National Sports Association?

“ The state sports associations really sell themselves short. The NSAs are there to facilitate and assist the SSAs , not to control and kill them.

Kok Chi’s anger was understandable given that most national sports bodies have become dormant due to those running it playing politics and just being there for glamour and cheap publicity rather then the interest of the sport.

“ The subject of the rights of state sports assoctions to organise international competitions at state level are not very clear because the SSAs are the governing bodies of their sports at state levels,” clarified Kok Chi.

“ Many NSAs don’t agree because they claim that as the participating teams are national then the rights over the competition belong to them and it is up to them to delegate the organisation to whoever they deemed fit because the final overall responsibility on the integrity of the competition is with the NSA.

“ Some even GI to the extent of charging sanction fee to their affiliates.

“ It’s like a father compelling a child to pay him for holding an umbrella out when really there is no rain or sun, it’s pure greed.”

Iis the SSAs that creates the NSAs and without the SSAs there are no NSAs but without NSAs the SSAs can still exist,” said Kok Chi.

“ OCM has no rights over single sports competitions Even in the case of SUKMA OCM has no say. “

So to all the problematic associations at national level run by bullies, Kok Chi has this advise for states.

“ This subject needs to be settled very easily All is required is for the SSAs to pass a resolution of no confidence at a Council meeting or at an AGM to control and protect the states’ rights.

“ The NSA is formed to strengthen the SSAs so that the sport can be developed in all 14 states of Malaysia and not to take advantage of them.

“ Don’t the SSAs realise this ? How can they elect people to be their bosses when they should be helping them. “

There are many such parasites around said Kok Chi.

“ Sime officials have their fingers in so many pies and are actually hanger on’s without really contributing be it at state or national level,” he concluded.

“ In reality one person for one position , at state or national level and in one sport.

“ If they are genuine then that is what they should do – focus on one association instead of spreading themselves thin.

“ It’s time a regulation is created to stop these parachute and bullying officials from destroying the very Essence of sports – fair play, governance and transparency.”