Getting to know who the Women VP candidates are

A question by a state Hockey official, holding a key position for well over 18 years got me thinking.

The question that this obviously illiterate on Hockey official asked was as follows;

“ Who is this Lum Sau Fong.”

That got me thinking, if a person that has held a key position in Hockey for almost two decades does not know this icon, then dare we expect others to know!

So let’s try to do some comparison with regards to the women Vice Presidents nominees as for the men the numbers are still growing.

We have, a public knowledge, that four women have nominations for two positions in the MHC Executive Board.

The four are as follows : Datin Mary Sadiah, Rogayah Mohamad, Nik Zarah and Lum Sau Fong.

Let’s now figure out just who they are:

Datin Mary Sadiah

President of Sarawak Hockey Association that failed to send teams to the following national tournaments :

2015 Under 14 Boys and Girls Tournament

Msian Junior Hockey League Boys and Girls 2016

National Under 16 Boys and Girls 2016

Malaysian Hockey League 2016

Malaysian Hockey League 2017

Malaysian Junior Hockey League 2017

Tun Razak Cup Men 2017

Tun Razak Cup Women 2017

Malaysia Hockey League 2018

Malaysia Junior Hockey League 2018

Tun Razak Cup Men and Women 2018

National Under 14 Girls 2018

Malaysia Hockey League 2019

Malaysia Junior Hockey League 2019

Tun Razak Cup Men and Women 2019

Known to be soft spoken, little known about her Hockey background

Was appointed independent member but did not hold any portfolio in terms of chairperson of sub committees.

Rogayah Mohamad

A Vice President of Melaka Hockey Association ( Women)

A Technical Official who was Tournament Director of the recent National U16 in Kuantan

A senior assistant of a school in Melaka.

Served as a Deputy Chairperson of the LO for World League but went off overseas during tournament.

A friendly individual but does not have international knowledge on hockey.

Nik Zarah

An incumbent Vice President

Was a former Vice President of Terengganu Hockey Association.

Was largely responsible for the formation of the Terengganu Ladies Hockey Team

Chairperson of Hockey 5’s but no national tournament was held.

A former state hockey player that has knowledge on the sport.

Lum Sau Fong

Currently serves as Senior Manager Health & Wellness Unit, Community Engagement & Wellness Department, Centre of Expertise, Group Human Resource, TNB.

Was a member of the MHC Coaching Committee from 2015 to 2017.

Represented Malaysia U23 – 1979

National Team – 1982 – 1994

Captain – 1988 – 1994

As Captain, Won gold medal 1989 – Sea Games And silver at the 1993 – Sea Games

Also a member of the Asian Games 1982 bronze team.

Professional qualification : Sports Science (Management) 1995-1999

Masters In IT (Knowledge Management) 2000-2003

So there you have it, a brief information with regards to the four candidates.

So ask yourself who will best serve the interest of hockey if given the mandate!