Give Azmi a helping hand

The social media is littered by enraged comments from many quarters on the plight suffered by Hockey technical official Norszmi Safar who met with a road accident after on duty at a Malaysian Hockey League match in Kuala Terengganu.

Azmi, as he is commonly known, was driving back to Kuala Kangsar the morning after his duty and was involved in a collision with another car head on.

As a result his car was deemed asa total loss while Azmi suffered severe injuries, among the injuries were a fractured fibula, hip bone disjointed , knee injuries.

Recovery will take time and it will surely put a big strain on the family, both financially and emotionally,

More should and ought to be done to look after the welfare of the unsung heroes who ensure that matches, day in and day out, are being carried out on time,

The old adage, for the love of the sport, can only be effective if all parties understand and deliver accordingly.

Questions that are being asked are as follows;

1. Why was insurance coverage only initiated on January 25 when the MHL commenced on Jan 3?

2. Why has no MHC official visited Norazmi whereas when an athlete gets injured there is a beeline to visit the person?

3. Why is the coverage limited to RM3,000 for injuries and RM50,000 for death?

4. Is there no concern from the top brass of MHC towards the plight and well being on technical officials/umpires?

Personally I know that MHC Competitions Chairman George Koshy has many a time gone out of his way to help those in the Hockey fraternity on the quiet and I believe that he is looking into this matter with grave concern from a humanitarian point of view.

As Chairman we cannot put any blame on him as there are others entrusted with full time jobs to look into the running of the MHL.

To be fair to the President, he did revoke the order of officials being made to pay RM30 each for attire for the MHL and also agreed to look into the grouses pertaining to transport/match allowance claims by the Umpires.

In the case of Azmi, the Hockey fraternity could step forward to assist him by helping him financially.

This could be done by every official involved in the MHL, and there are 85 of them in various capacities to donate a minimum of RM100 each to Azmi.

That will amount to a minimum of RM8,500 and the 14 teams could contribute a minimum RM500 each making it another RM7,000.

With that amount it could help him secure a vehicle to replace his car which is a total loss as his medical bills are now covered by his thoughtful Wife who had the foresight of getting him a medical card.

I do hope that someone within the fraternity would initiate such a fund to help Azmi and I will please RM200 to start it off.

Let’s all rally together to help a person in need of assistance, especially one that has sacrificed his time, effort and life towards enduring the we have hockey competitions.

Yes some are negligent in performing their duties and responsibilities, the onus is on them to vacate their positions and take responsibility,

But on our part let’s take one small step that could help Azmi rebuild his life.