Grandpa’s and Grandma’s at SEA Games? Why not as onus on NSA’s to determine.

There is a furore with regards to the participation of the Traditional Boat Race team for the Manila SEA Games.

But it has been left out of coverage by the print media, ironically despite having their journalist present at the centre of the storm when statements were made.

Now let’s re-cap – the question arose when there was a letter from the Malaysian Canoe Association to OCM last Wednesday providing details on the sole kayak athlete to the SEA Games.

The participation of the Traditional Boat Race ( TBR) was approved under Category B at the OCM Selection Committee

Now let it be made clear, for team events the Selection Committee does not determine the composition of the players.

So the onus is on the National Sports Association ( NSA).

Hence the MASCA were submitting a list of athletes ( from its earlier submission of the long list) to the OCM as the eateries by name were scheduled to be closed by September 2.

So the NSA’s were given a deadline to enable OCM to do the required paperwork to be submitted to the Organising Committee by September 2.

However it is now learnt that this deadline has been extended to September 30 by the Organising Committee.

So what is the problem right?

Nothing other then the fact that the President If MASCA found his name missing from the final list of athletes, and hence he did not formally sign the entry of the TBR team to SEA Games.

Not withstanding , the decision on participating or not solely lies with the National Sports Body of that particular sport.

For whatever reasons the NSA decides not to participate, no other body can over rule that decision, not even the Sports Minister.

So the decision by the TBR Athletes to send a letter to the OCM, NSC, NSI and Sports Minister to send the team under the banner of OCM is not legal.

While they have every right to appeal for inclusion, they must still go back to the association representing them.

None of this would have happened had OCM adhered strictly to the recommendations made by the Special Panel headed by Tan Sr Jegathesan.

The qualification standard was made crystal clear – either you are in or out, no middle road subject to interpretation,

But this was not followed, and rules were bent in accordance to certain “ guidelines” that baffles any layman,

To quote the Sports Minister “ We must be represented by our best athletes,”

So if that’s really the case Minister, then why are our independent Badminton players knitted from the Selection?

Look at the BWF World Rankings and it’s clear that the best from Malaysia will not be in Manila.

Another grey area is the omission of certain sports due to the fact they do not have “ development programs”.

So let me ask the Selection Committee, does sports like Ice Hockey, Underwater Hockey, Skateboarding, Obstacle Race have sound development programs,

On your argument that some sports like Sambo , Modern Pentathalon and Ju Jitsu use Athletes from other sports, does not the same argument apply to Indoor Hockey which is made out of field Hockey?

Back to the issue of the TBR, the President of MASCA is tight – it is up to the association as to who is in the final squad going to the SEA Games and the NSC or OCM have no business to intervene.

“ We can send grandpa or grandma and we have to answer for it.” was what the President said and it is well within his right, no matter how much I may disgrace with his argument,

That is the case – the NSA has the sole right to determine their composition of team which is to be funded by the NSA

Another sticky situation for OCM is that the onus on payment for the category B Athletes is on the NSA.

So they cannot be now allowing TBR Athletes to raise their own funding right?

If that’s the case then just open the floodgates and let whoever can pay and meets the qualification standards take the flight to Manila.