Hamidin acting Chairman of MFL

The Football Association of Malaysia President, Dato Hamidin Amin is now said to be appointed as the Chairman of the Malaysian Football League.

However efforts to obtain confirmation from MFL were futile but a MFL Board Meeting recently had endorsed the appointment.

The position of MFL Chairman became vacant when HRH Tengku Ismail, the Crown Prince ofJohor announced last month that he had vacated the position.

While MFL had at that time reacted fast by issuing a Press Release, staying that it understood the reasons why TMJ vacated the position, their silence or secrecy on Hamidin’s appointment is baffling to say the least.

With a meeting of the MFL Congress already due, it will be interesting to see what kind of new structure MFL intends to place in order to do away with the position of Chairman of MFL.

The proposal will need to be tabled at the Congress and implemented after approval is given by the relevant authority.

Until that time Hamidin will remain as Acting Chairman.

So heavy is the head that wears the crown – in this case two crowns .