HAMIDIN should reveal his ambition and be honest

The OCM elections have been set for September 4.

Normally regards fed as a mundane affair, thing are looking different even six months prior.

Camps, cliques, running mates – you name it, are being formed.

The usual suspects are being mentioned but with different positions , depending whose camp they are belonging to and just what position are they contesting..

Suddenly there are feelers being put out by Dato Hamidin Amir’s, the Football Association of Malaysia President who accepted the role of Chef De Mission of Vietnam SEA Games surprisingly.

Questions were asked as to why SEA Games and not Asian Games next year!

Had the factor of the OCM elections weighed into this?

A few NSA’s yesterday shared things that happened on the sidelines of the OCM Council Meeting as well as at the Selection Committee meetings.

Now let’s make it clear it was not Hamidin that was linked to these incidents but his President office squad, the infamous fourth floor boys, plus an uncouth lady if can be called such with uncouth language.

Several senior officials were approached and asked if they could meet Hamidin in an outside location together with their president whom they claimed had directed contact with the FAM Head Honco.

Firstly why this clandestine approach by the Ex Malacca FA Official?

Sorry friend buy this is not football as those running sports with passion do not fall for name dropping but rather your actions have now even got others to believe Hamidin has other motives in mind besides SEA Games.

So who is he trying to oust?

Is it Tan Sri Norza or Dato Azim?

And suddenly he at his meetings with the first batch of NSA’s started meddling into training facilities of snooker and billiards as well as fencing.

Has he the mandate of the OCM or Sports Minister to thread a path on sensitive issues that are the domain of the NSC Director General!

Hamidin may have genuine intentions but the manner in which he is doing and approaching things gives rise to suspicion to his real intentions.

So let’s have it clean Hamidin – what’s your real motive

Make it clear, already our politicians confuse the rakyat.

Is Shah Alam MP seat the real target?