Hanged before a trial, the misfortunes of Norazmi Saadar

In what can only be deemed as weird, a Hockey technical official has been “ suspended” since April but was never asked to appear before any hearing or even given a show cause letter.

And the matter only cans to light when FIH removes his name from the list of qualified officials after initially listing him down in the first list published in September 9 but subsequently listed him as inactive.

Such is the fate of Norazmi Saadar, the Technical Official that was involved in a tragic accident in late January upon traveling home after Malaysian Hockey League Match.

Azmi has fully recovered and has commenced work at Armed Forces since mid August and was shocked to be informed by AHF Events Director Elisabeth Fruste that his name was removed as MHC had sent a notification in April of a pending disciplinary case against Azmi.

FIH however went on to list Azmi in the Sept 9 list but it seems that MHC once again objected and Elisabeth , acting on her own without knowledge from her superior AHF CEO Dato Tayab Ikram proceeded to notify FIH to remove Azni from the list,

“ I was shocked to see my name missing from the FIH list and my status was inactive,” explained Azmi.

“ I then wrote to Elisabeth seeking clarification.”

And this is the reply Azmi received from Elisabeth,

“ Hi Norazmi – this was requested by your National Association on the basis of pending disciplinary issues. The name was only included in thePDF published on 9 September only through an error at FIH, as MHC had advised in April that you were no eligible for appointments until further notice.”

Azmi then write to MHC Officials, the General Manager and Competitions Manager bit got no response.

“ I asked MHC Deputy President George Koshy who is also the Competitions Chairman and he too was not aware of any disciplinary action be it past or pending upon me,” said Azmi.

“ My question is simple – if there is any case against me, why was I never notified or informed to appear or reply to a show cause letter.”

While there is no reply from MHC, the actions of Elisabeth too are questionable as she clearly stated in her reply that “ pending disciplinary action” since April and should have pursued the matter further when she received another objection from a certain official in MHC after the Sept 9 list was published.

So is Azmi being punished for his wife’s ramblings in the media after the accident?

Surely that ought not to be the case and even if it was so, Azmi should be hauled up through the correct procedures.

Denying others an opportunity seems to be the norm in our sports of late and those responsible for this unauthorised abuse of power should instead be put in the mat,

AHF needs to put its house in order and look into this high handed approach where a person said to be facing disciplinary issue since April never was informed in the first place.

So can we write an email to Tayab and seek for Elisabeth to be removed from the Olympic list as there could be a pending disciplinary case?

Does not make sense right!

And thus so does the case of Azmi.

Hang him if he is guilty but give that guy a hearing,

But now since time is the Essence and nothing was done, it’s water under the bridge, so be noble, do the right thing and let that man serve the sport he gambled his life on in the early hours of that unfortunate morning in the East Coast,

Let’s not try to play God for heavens sake, it’s just bruised egos some have but he has lifelong scars to show.