Help a noble cause, do your good deed today.

Feel like doing a good deed?

Well here is a chance to do so.

The worshippers at the Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ju Annual Memorial , 24-26 May normally range from 20-30,000.

Due to the small prayer hall, tents are erected next to Gurudwara Sahib Melaka.

There is always audio made available but this year an innovative, dedicated individual that many in the Sikh community are well acquainted with, Malkit Singh, suggested the constructed of a giant LED screen.

The cost is RM14,000 for the period.

However the request to those administering the event was not entertained.

Nevertheless Malkit has decided to proceed with the setting up of the screen and sought my assistance to raise the necessary funds, all in the name of community service.

Having gone through the harrowing experience ( read my earlier posting) , I have decided to continue to assist Malkit in this very noble and mahjong Cup cause.


Through lately the efforts of my non Sikh friends who donated generously., the collection stands at RM5,600 that have made good their pledges and with another RM5,000 in pledges.

This screen will transmit the prayers from the main hall and the second hall.

However we are also looking at setting up another screen at the Widyala, an institution set up and named after Sant Sohan Singh Ji, where prayers are held simultaneously and a large congregation gathers throughout the 48 hour period. This will cost another RM9,000.

Hence we appeal to the public to donate to a good cause by chipping in to help defray the cost of setting up the two screens.

All donations or contributions can be channeled directly to the account of

Malkith Singh a/l Joginder Singh CIMB No. 8007885531.

Kindly WhatsApp to +60 12-288 0557 a copy of your bank in or transfer slip so that it can be acknowledged.

In the name of transparency, the payments will be made directly to the contractor and not through any third party.

Every cent counts and time is the essence as we have less then 24 hours to get the target achieved.

Ion CR the first amount of RM14,000 is achieved, we will then channel our efforts and collection to the second screen.

May you be blessed for helping this noble and honest cause initiated by Malkit Singh.

Do your bit to help a noble cause. Every help you enters by donating or sharing this message will be of a big help.