Hockey; An Indoor Hockey Event in Perak?

For those who may not know it, even some who live in Kuala Kangsar, there is an indoor tournament that will be held there in two weeks.

Named as the HRH Tuanku Zara – Invitational International Women’s Indoor Hockey 2019.

It has been scheduled from October 31 to November 3 at Dewan Jubli Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Details are scare but from what has been gathers from the International Hockey Federation TMS, there are five women’s teams participating.

Besides Malaysia, the other teams are Uzbekistan. Chinese Taipei, Philippines , and Nepal.

The last time an Indoor tournament was held in Perak was in 2012 for the Raja Ashman and Tuanku Bainun trophy from the men and women affiliates of MHF ( as known then).

This effort is lauded as it’s important for indoor Hockey to be given more focus.

From the list of teams, Malaysia are likely to take on Uzbekistan in the final.

The tournament Aldo serves as a warm up for the Manila SEA Games.

A pity though that the dates clash with the Olympic Qualifiers in London which are to be played on November 2/3.

With almost all the state HA officials going to London, there will be little interest or support.

One wonders if the Perak HA President will attend this tournament or be in London ….