Hockey: As predicted, everyone can stand

As predicted by this website a week ago, the number of candidates vying for positions in the forthcoming Malaysia Hockey Confederation elections is mind blowing.

When the initial list of candidates was first revealed by two states, there was a pattern – incumbents out and unknowns were being nominated.

But over the last few days, some incumbents started getting the nominations and now the field is so big that one could lose count of the candidates list.

I will dispense with protocol and just list out the names of candidates for the Vice Presidents position and no mention of president or Deputy as we await the result of the Olympic Qualifiers.

No matter how many nominations are received by the current top 2 incumbents, their continuing depends of making it to Tokyo 2020, so let’s hope they remain true to their word.

Ok let’s have a read through on the candidates for the Vice Presidents.

Female Vice President ( 2 positions)

Datin Mary Sadiah

Rogayah Mohamad

Lum Sau Fong

Nik Zarah Nik Abdul

For the Men’s Vice President, the following have received nominations

Dato Najmi Razak

S. Ganesh

Dato Anirul

Dato Seri Anil Jeet

Ranjit Singh

Shurizan Mansor

Dato Azhar Ahmad

Satish Kumar

M. Gobinathan

Dato Majid Manjit

Dato Ow Soon Kooi

Hasnizam Hassan

Dato Che Khalib

However it is learnt that the following affiliates have yet to submit their nominations : Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Armed Forces and PDRM.

There is a possibility of more candidates joking in the fray, especially in the men’s Vice President race.

However it is yet to be ascertained if any of the candidates listed have signed the consent form to vie for positions nominated.

Despite some additional names to the initial preferred list of candidates, it is most likely a red herring.

Besides they could draw straws in the flight to London on October 31 to determine who stays in the fight or withdraws.

But before doing that, they should dig deep into their conscience and ask themselves if they can really contribute towards the development and progress of Hockey.

So do not just go for glamour, for I will be watching you closely from a distance.

You have been warned.