Hockey: Asia Cups in October 2021

The Asia Cup Hockey tournament has been pencilled down for October 2021.

The men’s and women’s Asia Cup servers as a qualifier for the 2022 World Cup for men.

The top two teams , should India not be part of the finalist will qualify fir the World Cup.

If India finishes amongst the top 2, then the third placed team will qualify.

In revealing this, Asian Hockey Federation Chief Executive Officer said they were awaiting the extract dates from the International Hockey Federation.

“ The month is decided but the dates are subject to the FIH consent,” said Tayab after the AHF Executive Board meeting held online yesterday.

“ There already about four countries interested to play host to the tournament.

“ We will open the bidding process is December and make a decision by February.”

Amongst the countries that have shown keen interest is India, Korea, Japan and Bangladesh.

One of the main criteria’s is who can offer the best commercial deal besides safety of players with regards to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Tayab added that there will also be the AHF Cup for men and women next year.

“ No doubt it will be a packed year but we had to push tournaments such as the Asian Champions Trophy for men and women this year to next year due to Covid 19,” added Tayab.

“ We have also discussed the impact of the Covid 19 and extended the dates of confirmation for the Junior Asia Cups upon requests from member nations.”