Hockey: DS Megat submits appeal against conviction

Suspended Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association President Dato Seri Megat D Shahrinan has submitted an appeal against his 18 month long suspension.

DS Megat was suspended on November 4, allegedly for brining the game to disrepute filling his questioning of unpaid prize money for the MHL that ended on February.

He was charged based on breaching the Code of Conduct.

However under the FIH regulations, the Code of Conduct expires 3 months after the final whistle which means DS Megat should not be charged using the Code of Conduct as the alleged misconduct only occured on May 27 and June 1 when he was said to have made press statements threatening to write to sponsors of the MHL which he subsequently did.

Now it is in the hands of the Appeals Board to determine the fate of DS Megat.

While all this is happening ( the appeal process) an individual in KLHA is pushing for the vacant President position to be filled up soon.

And top of the list are two prominent personalities Dato Ow Soon Kooi and George Koshy , at one time the Vice and Deputy President of the national body.

With the KLHA AGM due in February, there is no rush really as it’s only a 3 month period remaining for the current office bearers.

And with KLHA owing a sum of RM90,000 to DS Megat, questions need to be asked on the financial capability to run any domestic competitions.

DS Megat had said that he was prepared to file a case in court should his appeal fail and take it even to the Court of Arbitration for Sports and the International Hockey Federation.

So all focus is on the appeal at the national body.

Frankly both parties should sit over a cup of coffee and resolve this, as hockey never needed a confrontational approach from any party.