Hockey: Exit Oltmans, Enter Mirnawan ?

The departure of hockey coach Roelant Oltmans , with his July 31 notice of resignation was expected.

The writing has been on the wall right from the time he was set an almost impossible task of winning the Asian Champions Trophy.

To be fair, Oltmans should have resigned the minute Malaysia failed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics via the play offs in November last year.

But he was coerced or decided to stay on.

And after virtually 9 months of virtually doing nothing , the Dutchman has decided to leave, citing Covid 19 pandemic as the reason.

And at what cost to people like you and me – the tax payers.

The question now is at the feet of the National Sports Council – on the acceptance of his revocation of contract.

Obviously the NSC has been forking out a considerable if not all of his remuneration.

So was a contract signed with NSC or the parent body?

If there was or still is a contract with NSC, then the onus is on them to accept or reject the resignation and impose the penalties for breach of contract for early termination.

One just cannot have the cake and eat it.

His reasons for departure , being away from his family at this critical time, are unacceptable as he had been away from Malaysia since March and returned only in July.

And basically after plans were revealed to bring back an individual who failed the country in major assignments like the Asian Games. Junior World Cup Qualifiers, Oltmans knew that his tenure was coning to an end.

The gravy trail had not much gravy left as now a new assistant cooked who is only commercial of thinking is back.

Frankly there is going to be no international Hockey this year, so why hire another assistant coach in the first place?

Why was Oltmans not let go in March itself on mutual understanding?

Who is answerable for the past five months of salary that was paid when most of us Malaysians are hard pressed to put food on the table?

Just because it’s government money,, no one is answerable is it?

Or is it that Olympians departure now is saving us two or five months salary – again no transparency on his contract tenure, was it to end in September or December?

NSC is duty bound to issue a statement on this matter as its once too often that the Malaysian public is hoodwinked – Covid or no Covid as a reason.

Procedures finch as quarantine and travel restrictions are in place by the government and it applies to everyone,

So Oltmans cannot and should not use that as an excuse as this had been in place since March this year.

Just reveal the true resigns for your departure Oltmans, that you feel like being let down, or your remaining tenure was to be one of a total waste of time.

Oh well, let the individual that caused us to lose one of our most talented players return to rule the roost,

After all he is experienced enough to take us to greater depths given his past record when at the helm.

And presto, it’s also a promotion for former international Mirnawan Nawawi.

It is heard that he is considering the position of national team manager, after his exploits with the 2013 Junior World Cup team.

So will he be offered a full time contract now with savings from Oltmans departure?

Do we need a manager when the train is heading no where, well at least not for the next five months.

However as they say in Ripleys Believe it or Not, let’s await another grand PC lah.