Hockey; Get your facts right Arul

Firing blanks seems to be the norm for some coaches in Hockey these days.

Clearly when they cannot offer any substantial news worthy stuff, they spit venom at half truths and against the governing body without actually checking facts.

Having gone through the stories in the main stream media it was sad to see former national coach Arul Selvaraj who is coaching UniKL in the MHL making wild accusations, even before the MHL commences.

Arul, who will only meet his players for the first time today ( Monday) at 4.30pm this evening lambasted the national body for reducing the number of foreign players from six to four.

And he went in to state that this has severely affected his teams preparations for the MHL?

What preparations?

The UniKL team only started training on December 19, and where was Arul at that time?

Probably marinating the turkey for Xmas in Dublin.

The entry form for the MHL, that was sent out in October , clearly spelt out the number of foreign players, and it was also widely reported in the main stream media as well as this website that month.

In this age of technology Arul should have been well aware of this change, which is for the better.

Imagine in the MHL final, a total of 12 players out of 22 are foreigners and only 4 national players could feature.

So what good was having so many foreigners towards helping nurture our own talents? Care to justify that fact coach?

What preparations was Arul talking about when he only flew back to Malaysia after Xmas? And makes a vicious statement contrary to the code of conduct?

What preparations is Arul talking about when in October he himself was busy looking for a team to coach in MHL?

What preparations when Arul was no longer with the team since the end of the last season.?

What preparations when Arul was busy running your own academy in Dublin since middle of this year?

What preparations when UniKL never had a pitch for months as it was being rectified due to poor work earlier?

What preparations when UniKL has not played, organised or participated in any local or foreign tournaments?

Hitting out at the national body is a cheap pit shot perhaps to cover his own inadequacies in the MHL.

The club has in its line up the likes of Shukri Mutalib, Razie Rahim, Najmi Farizal, Marhan Jalil, Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin, Amran Hamsani.

That is already 6 national players, and with four foreigners, Arul should also be aware he can only field eight at each given time.

No doubt not all is not well in the organisation of MHL, but we abhor making such sweeping statements that are not factually correct.

Arul was lucky last season not being suspended for making sweeping statements, but he obviously thinks that he has the divine right to hit out at our domestic scene, with factually wrong statements.

Well coach, two pieces of advice.

Firstly think before you talk and secondly if you think MHL is poor, take a Grab to KLIA and go home and run your academy.

With this line up, any coach could deliver one of the three titles up for grabs in the MHL.

Consider yourself lucky that the UniKL management in the likes of the two Dato’s , Amir Azhar Ibrahim and Mirnawan Nawawi , picked you over the many others who lost their jobs recently.

And the UniKL management too must be held responsible of they allow the game to be brought into disrepute by their coach.

You two are equally culpable if factually wrong statements are made by your coach.

Appreciate the fact that there is a MHK in the first place to increase your bank balance coach.

Unless you will not get paid like what you did to others, hint hint.