Hockey: Go langgar semua coach Dharma as he bids his goodbye

K. Dharmaraj has the character, knowledge, ability and wisdom to chart a success path for women’s Hockey in this country.

Known to be headstrong, but compassionate, eccentric yet delivers, scruffy outlook but with genius Hockey brains, he announced his exit from the national Hockey scene in a simple but meaningful press conference.

Dharma, who was the reluctant women’s Hockey coach, thanks to the decision by the then Chairman of the National coaching committee Dato Ow Soon Kooi to push for his appointment, has taken the women’s Hockey team to a higher plateau.

But he was never appreciated. Or so it seems from what transpired and what Dharma revealed at his brief PC.

Dharma was unfairly linked into the politics that surfaced in the run up to the national body AGM.

So much so he was labelled as interfering with the process and duly blacklisted,

Dharma had a contract until December 31, 2019 and was amongst the scores of coaches that were informed that they needed to re-apply for positions when made available.

And it was shocking to hear him reveal that he only knew about the non renewal or extension from a media personnel,

Still Dharma had faith but probably was a shattered man when he saw others being appointed in various positions.

His assistants, Lailin Abu Hassan and Roslan Janaluddin were given the National Women’s Team responsibilities, but was it not Dharna who was actually tasked with taking the Juniors last year,

The silence from the National Sports Council was deafening, for here was a coach with a proven track record, having taken the boys juniors to the 2013 Fourth Place in the Junior World Cup, bring just left out in the cold,

Ironically NSC names him as the coach of the year in 2014.

At the very least the NSC should have put Dharma in charge of the National Hockey Development Program given his Pedigree in spotting and developing young talent.

Dharma took the initiative to convince world class teams Germany, Great Britain and Ireland to participate in a 4 Nation Women’s Tournament scheduled for March this year.

But now that tournament is doubtful as we do not have a coach, let alone a prepared team to play the worlds best, a truly wasted opportunity.

With the manner in which ranking is determined by matches, one could have had the faith in Dharma to chart matches for his team to inch up the ladder and he probably had playing the Women’s World Cup at the back of his mind.

At the very least Dharma should have been left to coach the women’s juniors to negotiate the Junior Asia Cup snd onwards yo a historical debut in the women’s junior World Cup.

Alas this all are merely plans that Dhsrma had, and it is left to others to make dreams into a reality.

Have we forgotten the joyous scenes at the Bukit Serindit Hockey Stadium in Melaka in 2012 when Malaysia created history winning the Junior Asia Cup against all odds?

Have we forgotten that our present King discarded all protocols to do a lap of honour with the team as the crowd roared in approval?

Have we forgotten that Dharma risked his health to take charge of the Asian Games squad against medical advise.

Is this our way or rewarding an individual who sacrificed most of his life towards the sport?

Oh well coach, always remember one thing, an important phrase – that the prophet is never believed in his own land,

Yes, the offers from neighbouring countries will pour in and that will offer you a new challenge.

And we all believe you will do your best for your new employers as you did for your last.

The hurt and pain Dhrama underwent is only known to him and his family, but we must thank him for giving women’s Hockey a breath of fresh air,

So go coach, go where you will be better appreciated, go where your destiny takes you, go soar like an eagle reining majestic in the sky, but always remember one thing, deep down inside you are Malaysian,

From the scrawny kid that piled his trade in the pitch in Banda Kaba, to the MPS ground, the Tun Razak Stadium, the 89 Junior World Cup and beyond to your stints at Anderson, Ernst & Young, KLHC, National U16, Juniors , Senior men and women teams – you have come a long Long way.

But your journey is just starting , so go conquer the world, gain knowledge, increase your wisdom and ability and who knows one day you will be back where you belong.

Thanks for everything you have done for Malaysia Coach Dharma.

As in your book – “ Siapa Datang Kita Langgar”