Hockey: How Low, Real Low when no RIP for one

Even the dead not spared in NS.

Many associated with hockey in Negeri Sembilan in the 80’s and 90’s will remember Jaspal Singh aka Palay.

A friend to many, a bit in the naughty side, but Palay was harmless.

He had his fair share of troubles but to many he was a true friend, one that would go out of his way to please those he cared for.

Unfortunately Jaspal , who was also a talented player died at a relatively early age, leaving behind two daughters and his wife.

He was a doting father and the cries and shrieks of his wife and kids at his wake still rings clearly in my ears

A few friends, notably two brothers got together to organise an annual tournament in memory of Jaspal.

And those who knew him throughout the country supported the tournament , playing and donating generously.

There was a reason why the two brothers started the tournament – to remember a dear friend and to raise money for his children’s education.

The total collected over the years, after expenses , was RM25,000 and the difficulty in prolonging the tournament was evident.

Two years ago Jaspal’s widow contacted the elder of the two brothers, seeking assistance for her kids education in a college.

As there was RM25k there, or so he assumed, in the account as the last statement showed just that and he replied positively.

Little did he realise that some RM7,000 was withdrawn, supposedly to run a tournament.

But there is no supporting document to show who that the amount was paid to and what was it used for!

Oddly who was the approving authority?

Efforts to get the documents have been futile, and the RM7k has since not been reimbursed.

NS produced legends but NS also produced those who seem to be able steal from the dead.

Such is the State of hockey, in a state where its last Razak Cup title was in 1977, its last U20 title was at Station Padang in 1985 where they were declared joint champions with Johor.

The trophy contested then was the P. Alagendra Trophy and it has gone missing, taking along with it the glory years of NS Hockey ..

Hopefully the two individuals responsible will return the money or show the documents.

Remember Karma works mysteriously .