Hockey: Ignoring home bred legends and promoting others

Those running the Negri Sembilan Hockey Association and Penang State Hockey Association have no business running Hockey.

For they have brought shame and disrepute to their respective states by nominating individuals that have never contributed towards that sport in their respective states.

Imagine Penang did not nominate its prodigal an Dato Ow Soon Kooi for the position of Vice President.

And Negri Sembilan opted to leave out K. Maheswari who served the state for decades as a player.

Ironically both are national Hockey captains but their home states refused to nominate them, opting to follow the preferred list drawn up by those outside the state.

Dato Ow, who was once a waiter in the island, went on to carve a name for himself at the international Hockey stage.

He represented the country for 11 years, captaining the national team for four years.

And he wore the Penang badge on his chest proudly.

Dato Ow went on to serve Penang as its State Hockey President, providing selfless service as well as money for the state HA.

As for Maheswari, she used to dominate the hallowed grounds of the NS and Station Padang .

She was a member of the national women’s team that won the bronze medal at the Asian Games, a feat that stands out as the best achievement by women’s Hockey.

Both of them served Hockey with passion and dignity, giving their blood, sweat and tears towards their home states,

And when it was time to recognise these two fine individuals, it was the “ Politicians” in the likes of Hockey officials that turned their backs on the distinguished personalities.

My hope is that those running these two state Hockey bodies will come up their senses and withdraw whatever nominations they have submitted out of respect.

Do not claim that you were unaware that these two individuals were keen to serve as the state HA’s have a duty towards those who have served their state teams.

What is more ironic is the fact that these Teo states have opted to nominate individuals from other states, many of whom never did. Nothing got their own states let alone Malaysian Hockey.

What was the yardstick used in determining nominations by these two states?

Obviously it was Apple polishing some that their own officials, who self nominated themselves get ejected.

Some kind of barter trade is in progress.

We bury our heads in the sand because we feel guilty when confronted with reality, say psychologists.

They say the ‘ostrich problem’ – ignoring information that can help us – arises because of the need to avoid negative feelings, in this case pleasing their masters.

Hopefully the respective state governments will now look into what these two hockey associations have done, by ignoring their home grown heroes in exchange of favours for others.

Is this how sport is to be perceived ?

Not when you nominate those who never held a Hockey stick as opposed to those who put the lives on the line of fire.

A crying shame really that I am from Negeri Sembilan.