Hockey: Koshy exit raises eyebrows

In a surprising move, George Koshy, the “ silent “ Deputy President of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation has exited as Chairman of its Competitions Committee Whatsapp group.

And in thanking the members, in other words he stopped short of using the word resign .

But he has made it crystal clear he no longer will make decisions on Competitions.

Fir those who may not be aware, the MHC annual general meeting is not till November 16.

In a whatsapp message to his fellow members of the Competition Committee today, Koshy took the trouble to explain his feelings and rationale at certain decisions.

Though an experienced “ old hand” in Hockey matters, Koshy was never in the forefront, opting to play a behind the scenes character, leaving many to assume he was dis-interested as time flew by.

His message to the WhatsApp group read as follows:

“ Dear all

Good morning, trust you enjoying your celebration cum holidays truly the Malaysian ( although some one is in Hat Yai) way.

I like to thank each and everyone of you including others who served on the CC before for your hard work, support , passion, tireless commitment. You guys are the best, your dedication is unparalleled.

I know I’m not the easiest person to work with, thank you for tolerating me and your patience. I have been a continuous pain to all of you, Brian and the states.

Trying to make changes when people believe it was not necessary or even at times being accused of killing competitions. I was not able to help improve the well being of our officials especially in times of their need. So sorry about that.

Any decision re competitions, I suggest in the interim be made by Brian in consultation with our Dato Seri President.

I’m sure each of you will continue to work hard to bring glory to this sport we love so much and continue on the Journey to further improve competitions in Malaysia. Please continue to support the incoming committee with the same level of commitment you demonstrated over my tenor as Chairman .

I salute each of you, don’t be a stranger , I exit this chat group . Take care , god bless you and your family. I apologise if I have hurt anyone during my tenor as chairman.


He subsequently exited the WhatsApp group.

With the MHL entries closing date set for November 8 and the non existence of a competitions Calendar, his exit raises more questions then answers.

Particularly since being the incumbent, Koshy has not been nominated by the following states whose list is in the public domain – Perak, Selangor, Johor, Sabah, Penang and Sarawak.

Koshy, who comes from a tradition of Hockey serving family, is known to be quiet and assuming, at times one often wonders if he became disillusioned due to certain matters.

He was largely responsible for securing the services of Paul Revington in 2013.

Koshy also managed the national team for years and assisted in supporting Hockey players in his club, be it Auther Andersen, Ernst & Young or KL Hockey Club.

He also served with distinction as Treasurer of MHF, something his late father had done in the 1970’s.

The largely “ misunderstood” individual will sorely be missed as he is obviously not on the “ chosen ones” list as set out.