Hockey: Let’s get Terry Param back on his feet

All those worth their salt associated to Hockey will surely know T. Pa ramalingam a.ka. Terry or fondly called Bapak.

Terry underwent an operation to amputate his leg two days ago at the UKM Hospital and is currently recovering.

No visitors are currently permitted and all those who know and care for him are kindly requested to send him a recorded video or voice note to lift his spirits.

Having known Terry for the past 3 decades, I find him to be an individual that is extremely jovial and truly a good friend.

Hardly can one find a situation where Terry lost his head.

A former umpire, Terry was once the Secretary of Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association.

He was in the 1990’s appointed as the Hon. Assistant Secretary of the Malaysian Hockey Federation , assisting the late S. Satgunam.

Following the demise of Satgunam in 2004, it was a tough task for Terry to fill up his mentors shoes.

He however adapted quickly and did a good job as Secretary.

Focussing more on Technical Officers duties, Terry is often seen at most Hockey events, chatting animatedly with friends.

He lives Hockey, and that cost him his leg in a way.

Financially the family has declined as effort to start a fund to help Terry.

However as buddies to a great individual, I seek the understanding of all to help Terry and his family through these tough times.

We should all help Terry get on his feet by looking at the possibility of him getting a prosthetic limb.

So all Hockey lovers, let’s rally to get our Bapak back on his feet.

And to Terry, my message is simple – never ever think of giving up.

You still have much to offer and you need to fight my dear friend.

Look forward to having tea with you some day so don’t you ever give up in this fight.

We all love you and want you to get well, so hang in there and let your extended family help you.

So all of you, pick up your phone, type a message, record a video or voice note and send it to Terry to cheer him up.

And to those who can afford it, let’s all chip in to get Terry the prosthetic limb.