Hockey: Let’s stop dreaming

If Malaysia could field naturalised players in Hockey., then the national body made a right choice in picking a nomad as it’s national coach.

Simply put the lack of a track record of this individual who we will call “ The TC Coach” sticks out like a sore thumb.

Let’s just look at his “ achievements” that are often highlighted.

First the success at UniKL.

Remember the phrase , in the kingdom of the blind the person with one eye rules?

That aptly describes The TC Coach ability.

The MHL has declined to such Low standards that for the past 3 years its a six week competition that hardly sees any preparation.

All UniKL did was spend big, pay 6 foreigners to be the backbone, entice local players with year long salaries – and they call it a winning combination.

Anyone with space between their ears could have led a team to this mediocre success.

So in order for the national team to succeed, will Hockey be like FAM and go around searching for naturalised players?

Let’s hope Indonesia does not do that as they will probably start beating us in SEA Games as Holland could provide plane loads of players.

The TC Coach assisted Paul Lissek in 2002 onwards, mostly to produce a coaching manual that never saw the light of the day.

A move to South Africa and coaching a club where a chance tie up with Paul Revington made his way into TE national set up.

And in 2012, after the national team failed in the Olympic Qualifier , the moves started to a return to Malaysia.

While Al Mahrum Sultan Azlan Shah and former NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong we’re inclined towards a combination of Ric Charlesworth and Paul Gaudiun.

But the rug was pulled from beneath their feet as a contract was signed to bring Revington and The TC Coach to Malaysia.

So the duo were in charge in mid 2012.

And let us not kid ourselves about the 2014 World Cup qualification.

The fact that Johor HA went out of their way to host the World League Round 3 in Taman Daya that helped us get home grind advantage,

We defeated Japan in a shootout to finish 5th as many were not aware that a 5th sport would get us to sneak in!

Have we forgotten the firing we received from Germany on July 4th?

Then came the resignation of Revington but by that time The TC Coach and Revington were no longer on talking terms.

In January Revington resigned but agreed to stay in as consultant to K. Dharmaraj to the World Cup.

We finished last, lost to Trinidad and Tobago at the Commonwealth Games.

Dharma was the scapegoat and The TC Coach took the team to the Asian Games.

And do the readers remember the results?

Singapore – won 8-2

Bangladesh -won 5-1

Korea – lost 1-2

Japan -won 4-1


Pakistan -lost 6-5 shootout

Bronze medal playoff

Korea – lost 2-3

Why is this important?

Well in 2010 and 2018 Malaysia won silver medals, that’s why.

Now what are the challenges The TC Coach will encounter.

First the Asia Cup next year where a top 3 finish ( assuming India amongst the 3) is needed to secure a place in the World Cup,

Then in 2022 is the Asian Games where only gold gets us to Paris 2024 Olympics.

With most senior players at the tail end of their careers, a poor development program as stated by Oltmans , and a expected drop in world rankings from the current 11th, will we be on another roller coaster ride?

Time will tell but frankly have we not wasted lots of it already!