Hockey: Malaysia has beaten Germany before

There seems to be confusion , mostly through inaccurate media reports, pertaining to Malaysia’s 4-2 win over Germany.

Some had reported it, either online, online or social media that it was Malaysia’s first win over the mighty Germans,

However the statistics show clearly that it was our fifth win, to be precise fourth, as one win was over West Germany before the unification.

Below are the bare stats on our head to head with Germany.

No doubt it was a good win but facts need to be stated accurately,

If unaware or not sure, it will always be good to ask.

P        w        D         L   

47      4        7        36    (until Dec 2018)

Last defeat for Malaysia 5-3 at Odisha World Cup 2018

Malaysia’s win


Test match 1-0 in Lahore


1st test – 1-0 Kuala Lumpur

2nd Test – 2-1 Kuala Lumpur


Test 2-1 – Kuala Lumpur