Hockey: Mass Pullout by Candidates

In a show of disgust and lack of transparency, several candidates that were nominated for positions in the forthcoming MHC Elections announced their withdrawal,

What was to be a press conference to announce the manifesto of Air Asia chief Dato Kamarudin Meranun instead saw an announcement of withdrawals, barely hours after MHC had their media announcement to reveal the list of candidates.

Kamarudin , according to the announcement made, did not have the required 3 nominations to contest the post of President.

However he had received nominations from Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Kedah.

And Kedah HA issued a statement stating an unauthorised person had changed the list of nomination as determined by their Kedah HA council.

This matter is now believed to be under investigation by the relevant authorities.

With one blow, the candidates list sees the exit of three former national Hockey captains – Dato Ow Soon Kooi, K. Maheswari and Lam Sau Fong.

Besides Kamarudin, another corporate big wig Dato Seri Che Khalib also withdrew from the Vice Presidents race.

And joining the withdrawal was incumbent Vice President Dato Majid Manjit Abdullah.

So basically out of the 17 candidates for the male Vice President, three have withdrawn, leaving the other 14 to fight it out for 5 positions.

With Maheswari’s withdrawal, the Deputy President women will see no contest.

Kamarudin however did reveal his manifesto which reads as follows ;

A Manifesto for

Professional Team Management, Digital Transformation

and WOW-factor Creation

1. To bring Malaysian hockey back to its prime.

2. To nurture championship aspirations at all major competitions, not limited to the World Cup, Olympics and regional competitions, at senior, junior and women’s leagues.

3. To develop talent pool at all levels and introduce competitive selection processes through clinics for players and coaches and the eventual establishment of a national hockey academy.

5. To create excitement in the game through youth engagement and nationwide publicity.

6. To instil professionalism at all levels and build a foundation based on transparency, responsibility and accountability.

7. To commercialise league activities and establish new corporate partnerships with an aim towards self-sustainability and financial independence.

8. To embrace digitalisation across the board to increase efficiencies in administration, team management and operations.

9. To engage all stakeholders, including affiliates, past and present players, fans and the media, to strengthen cooperation to achieve a common goal of raising the profile of the sport of hockey.

10. To reinstate councils for state representation for better governance, transparency and inclusiveness in decision-making.

It’s now for those who care for Hockey and those in seats of power to investigate what really transpired!

May God save Hockey.