Hockey: Nasihin, Wallace, Revington – the flavour of the week

The imminent return of Paul Revington is expected to end soon.

It is learnt that the South African who left abruptly in 2014 is expected to be unveiled with as 2026 Project Manager of National Hockey Director as soon as he finishes his mandatory 14 day quarantine requirement.

He will not only chart the fortunes of the men’s and women’s senior and junior squads but also oversee the yet to be launched but often said National Hockey Development Program.

A plateful of tasks for the South African who never once revealed the truth behind his abrupt departure.

One day though hopefully his will speak on his heart, the issues he faced, the impact on the death of Chia Boon Hist and maybe the mysteries in his life where black magic was also said to be an area of concern.

Anyway one thing is for certain, me and Revington will not be having any meals at Chillis BSC as that would be against what his contract will entail , verbally.

Once associated with me, the individuals will be scum bags to the cause.

What cause ?

To take the sport to small time Low.

Now let me touch on the two press conferences held together by Wallace Tan and Nasihin Nubli.

First to Nasihin , how can you justify the dropping of Farah Ayuni the goalkeeper?

She is still good and can play on for another five years at least.

Age factor? Then S. Kumar should have been dropped a decade ago!

So that leaves only one reason – she is outspoken and you cannot stomach that.

And Nasihin you had also mentioned a top 4 finish in the Asian Champions Trophy with an untested team.

My only hope is you do not end up losing to Thailand and fail to qualify for the next Champions Trophy.

Perhaps someone forgot to inform you on ranking points.

Poor results will meaning losing points and as such by 2022 after the Asian and Commonwealth Games we could be staring at a 27th spot in world rankings as opposed to the current 20.

That will mean poorer draws in tournament and how could we end up Asia’s Number 1?

I would live to hear your plan on how we can be the top team in Asia in 6 years time, do reveal the plan you have in mind.

As for Wallace you said we have a short period of preparation.

Mind I remind you that you were appointed in February and there fire had a whole year, minus the MCO which ch started in March 18 and ended on July 1.

You also could have fielded that players as a team in the Tun Razak Cup to get the much needed competition experience.

And to say you will deny the players a chance to play in the MJHL means you know smithing you’re are not telling – that there is no MJHL this year.

Anyway word had it that even before the spike of Covid currently , an individual who sits on 4 committees had been quoted as saying no more events this year and MHL to commence in January followed by MJHL in May.

Let’s stop this fairy tale talk akin to singing songs and dancing around trees and mountains plus valleys like Hindi or Tamil movies.

Let’s have the revised calendar within a week as well as the 2021 calendar.

With experts in every field and committees, that will not be tough right,