Hockey; No go for new dates of Azlan Shah Cup

What is in a name one may ask?

Actually when ab individual is made a Chief Operating Officer or Chief Executive Officer, he or she needs to display a standard of governance and administration that is second to none.

Meaning that he or she are best suited for the job, their ability to administer is impeccable and unquestionable.

Why do I raise this?

Well, the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup was going into its 30th edition, having been inaugurated in 1983.

Since then, it has been well organised, a few glitches here and there, but relatively well organised, making it a must attend event for many a Hockey fan or official.

Teams knock on the doors for an invite..

All these years the event is largely run by volunteers.

So it was indeed shocking to see a position of Chief Operating Officer being created for the event this year.

It was perfectly ok if the position was advertised and interviews held before appointing anyone to that position.

But it is a short term contract position and hence not many would be keen unless it paid well.

And now that the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is postponed to supposedly late September/early October, will the self proclaimed COO in simple words get “ gaji buta” for the next 7 months?

And if the COO was that good, then how is it that he was not aware that the proposed new dates clash with the 10th Sultan of Johor Cup which is scheduled for October 3 to 10?

How can 2 international tournaments held in Malaysia clash?

The national body and the Asian Hockey Federation were notified of the SOJC dates in January.

As a matter of fact the dates were first confirmed at the AHF Executive Board meeting on December 24 ast year, a meeting that saw the presence of the Azlan Shah Cup Organising Chairman and this COO!

So knowing very well on the dates, how on earth could they come out with a press release citing September 24 to October 3 as the dates for their tournament.

This only boils down to one thing – sheer incompetence and for that someone needs to be responsible.

So when one wants a big name as a position, be prepared to do the work and assume responsibilities for blunders and walk the plank.

There is no doubt that listing the new dates was a blunder and there is no such thing as an oversight. Not when one is the highly paid COO.

When simple things cannot be figured out then it is time to rethink the necessity of such a position.