Hockey Nominations, Let’s follow Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase used in English to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other; “a favour for a favour”.

Phrases with similar meanings include: “give and take”, “tit for tat”, and “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” and “one hand washes the other”.

And that’s a perfect way on the modus operandi in studying nominations for positions in the upcoming MHC elections.

Let’s look at the whole plan holistically.

The MHC Executive Board met on Sept 21 and decided that November 16 was the date for the AGM.

But no notice of meeting was sent out for a month, until late October.

And that notice stated that the close of nominations is by 3pm on November 2.

Ironically this is 7am UK time, November 2.

Why is this significant one may ask.

Well the top brass from every affiliate will be in London , apparently in support the national Hockey team for their crucial matches against Great Britain in the Olympic Qualifiers.

In other words, most affiliates have till this Wednesday to hold their respective council meetings to determine their list of nominations, thus creating doubts on the due process from the legality perspective in line with their respective constitutions.

Next comes the manner in which the notice calling for the AGM.

This is because it is signed by an individual that is designated as the Acting Chief Executive Officer cum General Manager.

So a genuine question to be asked – when was this individual appointed as the Acting CEO or was it only to satisfy the existing constitution that requires the notice to be signed by the CEI?

Another interesting fact is that the nomination process closed just hours before the first of the two matches get underway that will determine the fate of the two individuals who have gone on record to say they will vacate their positions if Malaysia fails to qualify.

And I believe that they will do so, they will keep their word and step down by end of November 3, should we fail to qualify, again I pray Malaysia does qualify.

They are individuals of honour and will live up to their promises as they have done in the past.

However by that time they would have received unanimous support from the affiliates , in terms of nominations, to stay on, and for the interest of the nation, they will be coaxed, pleased with and pressured to stay on.

And due to nationalistic duties, the love for the country, the support from affiliates, against their desires, they will be forced to rescind their quit decision and stay on.

I hope I am proven wrong and they actually stand firm on their decision to accept responsibility to step down should Malaysia fail to make it to Tokyo 2020.

It will be a first in the sports history in our country, where officials assume responsibility, setting such high standards that every responsible individual should emulate.

I believe promises are made to be kept. But we will not come to that as Malaysia will qualify Si no issue should arise.

Moving back to the states, the phrase above is so clearly of looking at the pattern of nominations.

One state HA official that I spoke to said he was baffled as to why his state nominated the two women candidates as he does even know who they are!

So why nominate people who have no association with that state?

Or is it the preferred candidate list ?

And the fact that incumbents are being left out systematically leads on to believe that this whole thing is orchestrated by a few, a plan that was set in motion by unscrupulous individuals that only care for self interest and not the sport as a whole.

Expect a similar list to surface over the next few days, but if states have conscience, they will refrain from following suit as the future of the sport is at stake.

But who cares right!

As Long As Perception Rules Over Reality.