Hockey: NS Hockey deserves a place in Hall of Shame

In 2015, I was accorded the honour of being the first inductee to the Hall of Fame of the Negeri Sembilan Hockey Association.

My two other fellow inductees were the late Lawerence van Huizen and William Fidelis, whom I regard as the icons of NS Hockey.

While paying tribute to those who organised the event as well as my fellow inductees, I had in my speech challenged the current administrators to wrest the Razak Cup by 2018 as it would have been 40 years since our last triumph in 1977 in Ipoh.

And yes they achieved something far greater then wresting the trophy, they withdrew from the 2018 Razak Cup and now languish in the second division.

I am thoroughly ashamed and flabbergasted .

Negeri used to be the bastion for Malaysian Hockey.

We have produced so many Olympians, I may miss some names but here goes – Lawrence van Huizen, Peter van Huizen, Tara Singh, Ranjit Singh, Ho Koh Chye, N. Palanisamy, Brian Sta Maria, Stephen van Huizen, Colin Sta Maria, Gary Fidelis, Brian Jayhan Siva.

That’s 11 Olympians.

And what have we produced since, in terms of national players?

Since 2000 till now, we only have S. Kumar, Madzli Ikmar and Marhan Jalil with Kavin Karthik in the juniors.

These are players produced in the system of the late 90’s

The NSHA Administration has failed to do any proper development.imagine NS had no women’s team in Sukma last year and ladies Razak Cup this year.

In the late 80’s and 90’s we played in the Malaysian Hockey League as Seremban MC and Yayasan NS.

Seremban MC highest achievement was third overall and YNS went to set records, the first team to win the treble in 1996, winning all matches, not drawing one and winning all individual awards.

There was a feeble attempt to get YNS alive but spending 400k and producing nothing was a waste of effort.

That earlier YNS system got the young in the state wanting to be part of YNS, as we developed both home and national talent with 11 going in to don national jerseys, amongst them , S. Kuhan, M. Kaliswaran, S. Suria Gandhi, Mirnawan Nawawi, s. Shankar, Maninderjit Singh. Nasihin Nubli, Nor Azmi Abu Sanah, Lee Sien Lam, Chua Boon Huat , Nor Azlan Bakar.

And countless juniors in the likes of Sivanantha Prasad. Sivadass Naidu, Hasmadi.

Hockey in NS was thriving and NS Padang was the home, a venue where the much fancied teams fell.

And when we moved to Tun Razak, we scan safely say there was only standing room when YNS played.

So why did the current administrators fail to do what was done?

Simply because they are merely interested in projecting themselves.

Walk into the NSHA office, what do you see?

A board of office bearers with most of them having countless titles behind their names.

If only NS Hockey has that many trophies in their cabinet.

The development program in shambles. The leagues are a crying shame. They have 11 affiliates, mostly inactive, just there to ensure the current office bearers stay in office.

And NS used to practice a policy – to nominate only those who served the state for positions at national level.

But if the Menteri Besar who is by constitution the President of NSHA is reading this, you ought to resign in shame for your states nomination list to the MHC elections.

NS failed to nominate its star player, Ex national skipper K. Maheswari who has been nominated by two other states for the Deputy President position.

Can anyone in NSHA justify their decision?

Do not say you did not know she was contesting as your defence.

It is a shameful act, a disgraceful one and above all it shows the lack of integrity and credibility of those warming the seats.

You probably deserve another title for this clear cut show of bias ness.

So since it’s my birthday today, I hereby award all of you the title “ Pingat Pengecut Negeri.”.

We used to pride ourselves with capable Administrators and coaches in the likes of the late Bala Subramaniam, MT Lingam, S Satgunam, C. Navaratnam and countless others.

Teachers in the likes of the late V. Sivapathasundram, SK Paul. Late Ashvin Kumar, Roslan Mohamad, coaches like Alagaratnam, Choudry, Michael Yen, BP Moorthie and we can go on and on.

But today who coaches NS? The same individual for Razak Cup and Sukma for the past two decades.

When former players want to help the spirt by offering to vie for positions, they are systematically kept out.

My breaking point was at the funeral of the late Lawrence.

No effort was undertaken by the state HA to honour this man who gave his life for the sport.

No final salute, no guard of honour, nothing and I cried silently .

I am ashamed to be associated with the state body and have in my 57th birthday today, decided to send back the plaque handed to me upon my induction to the hall of fame.

Negeri Hockey is itself accorded a place in the Hall of Shane for ineffectiveness, cronyism and above all corrupt practices in the rule of law,