Hockey Olympics Exit: Who cares really to initiate changes.

Why is it always that in failure in any sport, the first persons to be blamed are the coaches and players?

This shifting the blame approach has been often used in Malaysian sports and once again tears its ugly head as the national Hockey team failed to qualify for the Olympics.

No one wants to lose, especially the players and the coaches, and that is a fact.

My heart goes out to the players and their families who are under tremendous social media outrage following the defeats at the hands of Great Britain in London over last weekend.

But to put the blame entirely and squarely on the players and coaches is absurd, demeaning and above all truly saddening.

Yes, some players have reached their pinnacle, as they have aged and really should reconsider their positions.

But that’s for then to decide, and no necessity to push them to announce their retirement as they will know when and where to do it.

Hopefully when the team lands at KLIA today, the media will refrain from losing such questions on their future.

So if the coaches and the players are not to blame, then who is to be blamed for us missing out the Olympics yet again?

The answer is simple – the entire hockey system in the country is to be blamed.

Starting off with the state Hockey associations who only exist for the purpose of sending teams to participate in national tournaments.

Development is neglected – why? As there is no glamour in doing development, it’s a shitty job and no one wants to soil their hands.

And the state bodies just wait for handouts from the national body.

Yes an annual grant of RM50k per affiliate is paid out to the states, but it’s supposed to be used solely for purpose of organising state Hockey leagues.

And what happens – just look around and you get the answer.

Haphazardly organised state leagues, most being held now, towards the end of the year.

And ironically some even get away holding a weekend competition and call it a league, just to get their RM50k.

And big talk over the development program only shows one result – we have those who can sell dreams.

Ask yourself why the youngsters shy away from picking up hockey as a sport?

Ask yourself why Hockey is not played by those from different ethnic races as in the past?

Ask yourself are we doing the right thing?

It’s a case of keeping on doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

So stop this charade of blaming players and coaches.

They undergo a training program that is approved by nine other then those who warm the seats of power in any sport.

And why conveniently forget the doctrine of collective responsibility just because some want to continue to warm seats.

If players and coaches failed, then so have you.

The rot starts from the head.

Is that not how we chose out fish when marketing?

So let’s leave the players and coaches alone, let’s think and ponder why we failed.

No need for any review or post mortem panel as it will yield the same report.

By the way, anyone learnt anything from the post 2014 World Cup report!

So carry on bush fire fighting as the forest fires rage on. That’s the sorry state of our affairs.

Why the eerie silence NSC and NSI?

Are you not to know all and be all of Malaysian sports?

Do we hear of any of you guys accepting responsibility and vacating you’re positions?

Never right as the NSC and NSI officials are gods gift to our sports, they can do no wrong.

So players and coaches, bear with this, it’s like a storm, it will soon blow over.

After all netting the positions at the AGM is the focus right now.

So really who care, no one really, not even you after reading this ramblings.