Hockey; Raja Ashman Academy to hold5 courses that Management Committee Unaware of!

Is the AHF-Raja Ashman Hockey Academy in Ipoh only existing in name?

And who is actually running the day to day affairs of the Academy?

Who decides on the programs and courses conducted in the name of the academy?

And why does the Academy need to fork out money for repairs when they do not use or own the building since the last 2 years?

These are pertinent questions that need to be answered by those representing the Academy.

It is not the personal property of any individual but was created out of love for the sport by Al Mahrum Sultan Azlan Shah.

Yesterday the Management Committee held their meeting in Ipoh.

But more questions then answers surfaced as denying responsibility seems to be the in-thing.

Physically there was a building launched in 2012, but that is all there was to see.

Nothing came off it, with the exception of occasional courses being held under the auspices of the Academy.

And yearly during the Azlan Shah Cup, courses are held and run, but frankly who is in charge?

This year, after highlighting the obviously poor management of the AHF – Raja Ashman Academy from the local perspective, one would have expected things to change..

But nothing will change, when self interests and not the sport matters.

From emails being circulated to countries, sent out by Ghulam Ghouse of AHF, there are supposedly 5 courses being held during the SAS from 11-18 April.

Details are scant, no course outline, no qualification, no media alert be it on the FIH Academy FB Page or the AHF Websites or it’s social media account.

And the closing date is March 8.

I doubt many even in Malaysia are aware of these five courses.

For the interest of those who might be keen, the five courses scheduled to be held are;

FIH Academy Educators Course ( entry by invitation)

FIH Academy Goalkeeper Coaching Course

FIH Academy Women in Hockey Management Course

FIH Academy Level 2 Coaching Course

FIH Academy High Performance Coaching Course

Now who decides on the nature of the courses and since everything is under FIH Academy, what is the role of the Raja Ashman Academy?

No offence meant, but I think we have enough capable Malaysians to run various courses for those from the Asian Countries.

Having it under the FIH Academy costs between USD300 to USD500 per participant, really an unaffordable figure for those from lesser developed countries.

So really the AHF should be hold Asian level coaches to help those in this region.

Maybe specific courses or seminars such as this

Penalty corner defence and Attack in modern Hockey

Playing systems in Hockey

Public relations and marketing of hockey

These are seminars that can help the sport, not gender or position specific course that have been lined up.

What interests the most is just who is picking up the bill for the courses when the Academy Management Committee has no inkling on it.

And here is the shocker, 18 courses were conducted under the auspices of the Raja Ashman Academy last year.

Who approved them?

Care to respond those who earn monthly salaries in the name of the Academy!