Hockey: Raja chides those out for cheap publicity

Long serving Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association Secretary V. Rajananickam is pissed.

For he feels that the truth with regards to the impasse of the Pantai Hockey Stadium is being twisted to suit the personal agenda of some.

“ Those who do not know facts and history of the stadium should just do one thing – keep their mouths shut,” said an upset Raja.

“ Now is not the time to blame the present or the past committees as nothing of this would have arisen had it not been for someone to question DBKL usage of the facility for a band competition a few years ago.

“ Firstly to say the last committee did nothing is a blatant lie as I have all the copies of correspondence sent to DBKL when this matter arose in 2018. I have prepared a chronology of all meetings and correspondence so just stop this lying just to gain cheap publicity .

“ The amount of RM19k for managing was already budgeted for 2019 so really DBKL could not increase it despite our best efforts.

“ It was something beyond them but we managed the stadium all these years in a shoe string Budget through savings and taking money out of our own pockets.

“ We opted not to sign a new agreement since some people were too keen to remove us, thinking that they had all the answers. Look what have they achieved instead.

“ There is no such thing that we were only interested in holding the AGM simply because our term had expired and regulations needed to be followed.

“ For those who know next to nothing on administration, they will not know there are processes that need to be followed when running a sports body.”

Raja said they had engaged DBKL since 2018 and had several meetings with the presence of the past President.

And while negotiations were ongoing, a campaign was started by some to remove the committee, even to the extent of getting parents of players in the KLHA development program involved by giving them false information.

“ So really one needs to go back and see who actually created the damage,” said Raja.

“ Over 20 years, we had a great relationship with DBKL and worked well even with the RM19,000 provided to us.

“ In the new contract offered, we sought for an increase and that was being considered but we were removed before we could sort things out by those greedy for positions .”

In addition Raja said for years he used to collect the rental upon bookings and go bank in the money to DBKL and this was never an issue.

“ Yes we were behind in electricity payments and this was as a result of us being charged commercial rates and not as a sports facility,” added Raja.

“ Those who criticise us today should Ho and check the rental rates of the Hockey pitches throughout the country as comparison to our rates.

“ That is why we were the most used Hockey facility in the country.”

Raja also took to task the effectiveness of those warming seats in the present KLHA.

“ Where is your league or Competitions ever since you took over running the Association,” questioned Raja

“ Committees were formed, individuals appointed yet they cannot even run a single competition in KL.

And Raja had this piece of advice.

“There was an issue about misconduct of an individual and when the matter was referred to DB , this person brought parents and players to the front of stadium unwarranted, it never happen in hockey history , “ recalled Raja

“ Why not we also talk about the two years development programme from 2017- 2018 where not even one player in KL squad made it to the national junior trans for that period.”