Hockey: Razak Cup: Will Kedah withdraw?

Will Kedah be forced to withdraw from the Razak Cup?

There are two reasons why this could happen.

Firstly the rise of Covid 18 cases in the state that forced the implementation of the Enhanced Movement Control Order.

And the second is the normal story that we often hear in Hockey – no money die to unkept promises.

“ I cannot make any decision as our President has yet to give any instruction though today is the last day for withdrawals,” said Kedah HA Deputy President Satish Kumar who is a firmer Malaysian International.

“ The team has not trained a single day as the pitches remained closed and permission was not granted for training.

“ However we could have gone to adjoining states to train but our financial position does not allow it.

“ We are awaiting payment of pledges of RM200,000, but it just remained pledges so far..”

Should Kedah pull the plus, re-draw needs to be held and the fixtures amended.

Kedah was placed in Group D together with Johor, KL and Pahang in the men’s competition.

In the women’s competition Kedah is in Group C together with PDRM, ATM and Negeri Sembilan.

Will there be any additional withdrawals?

And interestingly no SOP has been issued for the Razak Cup competition and its unknown if the Sports Commissioner has issues a permit for the carnival like tournament to proceed.

And as Kedah await the President to make the decision, the uncertainty will continue to haunt other states that need to make logistic arrangements like travel and accommodation.