Hockey receives peanuts compared to Football

How does the NSC and Sports Ministry evaluate sports in terms of delivery and performance?

Surely Hockey ended up being the biggest loser when the 2020 Budget was announced by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng recently.

Not that Guan Eng is at fault but the manner in which the allocations were fished out as so far as sports is concerned was not only disheartening but downright making the incompetence of those running sports in the country as nothing more then a bunch of overfed fat cats.

Not begrudging the National Football Development Program but can the so called Sports Minister Syed Sadiq justify why a total of RM45 million is allocated for that single program?

Football ranks somewhat 150 to 170 in the world rankings.

In contrast the men’s Hockey team are ranked 11 while the women are 20.

And what specific allocation were they given? Nothing.

And mind you Sadiq, is it not the NFDP a brain child of the previous government and you have no bright ideas to take it higher but giving more money is all you can do?

Or is it to cover your inability to secure sponsors for the NFDP so much so now that the government has to use tax payers money to salvage it?

And why are you Sadiq not able to allocate a sum of money for developing Hockey which under the previous government were given RM9 million to administer the 1MAS Program?

Though the 1MAS Program failed to deliver, no thanks to the manner in which it was administrated from 2015, there is a dire need for Hockey to be properly developed.

The very fact that there are less non Malays playing the sport has been highlighted numerous times.

Having had a look at the National Hockey Development Program , which is merely duplicating the football version, one can only be more worried at the direction the sport is heading.

Looking at a Budget of RM16 million in total, for its 4 year plan, it will not solve the malaise affecting the sport.

The basic fundamental is forgotten – that every artificial pitch in this country must house one centre.

With that alone, there will be some 2,500 youngster playing the sport regularly as each of the 50 artificial pitches can handle 50 players at each time.

Despite saying that the NHDP would be launched in October, there has been eerie silence although many a time those with imaginary Hockey abilities have claimed that the program was launched in September 2018.

Anyway back to the subject matter – why is the KBS and NSC igniting the fact that Hockey deserves more attention?

Football was given a big sum, Badminton has a world class academy, but what had Hockey received?

Perhaps the bundle of joy is being kept as part of the election strategy for MHC.

Learning fast from the previous government ain’t we Sadiq!