Hockey: Resting coaches on eve of junior qualifiers baffling

While many are shocked and surprised that all the Hockey coaches have seen their contracts not renewed, with the exception of Roelant Oltmans, frankly I was not one but surprised.

It has become the norm and f our country to hold in high esteem foreign coaches or officials in any sport for that matter.

Our colonisation mentality still reigns supreme in the field of sports as our practice to value the foreigners more then locals has been proven time and again.

So the excuse was 0 restructuring” but frankly was it really the case?

Let’s just look at two of the coaches that are being “ rested” and see what effect it had on our teams,

K. Dharmaraj has achieved his key performance index , having brought the girls team to a higher world ranking and at the same time he won gold for the women’s indoor team at the SEA Games.

It was only in the Asian Games that he failed to achieve his KPI, which was to make the semis.

Overall he had done well so why is he being rested?

Remember Dharma was also tasked with the National Juniors team and they are scheduled to play in the Junior Asia Cup this April in Japan.

So by asking him to rest till end of February effectively means that the Junior Asia Cup squad will only have a months training before playing in the Junior World Cup qualifiers.

And the senior side has the AHF Champions Trophy to prepare for!

The same and plies to Juniors boys coach Nor Saiful Zaini Nasiruddin.

The Junior Asia Cup for boys is in Dhaka in June and that means Saiful will only have three months ( given the fact that one month I’d Ramadhan).

Have those in charge forgotten that we failed to qualify from the 2016 Junior Asia Cup for the Junior World Cup after losing to Korea in the quarterfinals in Kuantan.

Why these steps were taken is anyone’s Guess.

It’s ok to initiate changes but should there not be more thought to it then just initiating changes for the sake of it.

Was it not reported that Oltmans KPi was Olympic qualification

But while those who delivered are now awaiting their fate, Oltmans failure was rewarded with no break.

But stranger things do happen.

Can we expect a U turn on this decision?

Perhaps an online poll on this could provide and indicator.

Till then, let’s carry on guessing, that’s the name of the game these days in hockey’s version of The Game of Thrones.