Hockey: Revamping the domestic scene

Having posted the Asian Hockey calendar for the year 2020, many started messaging me to ask if I had a copy of the domestic Hockey calendar.

Now this is something that I cannot pluck out from a straw hat as it’s those sitting in positions that rightfully ought to have released the calendar at least 3 months before the end of the season.

But over the past two days, reading the main stream media, I realised that no one really pays much attention to what’s going around in the world, in terms of Hockey, but are merely focussed on a small spectrum ( managed to use the much abused word).

If one is to read, much of the blame on the Low quality , so as to say , on the foreign imports is targeted towards the Pro League that commences late January.

This has also is a major way affected the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup.

But are we being innovative enough to. To cater for change. To move with times. To think out of the box. To think in our best interests.

The answer is a big NO.


Simply because we have too much pride, are very egoistic and at times believe that we are Gods gift to Malaysian Hockey.

Let’s take our domestic calendar.

Firstly we should move the MHL towards the end of the year, meaning we start the season in November and end in early January.

That will give us a 3 month period virtually and no clash with the Pro League or other major international tournaments.

Next on our calendar is the Azlan Shah Cup and the Sultan Johor Cup.

With the SOJC in early October, the SASC could be held in November in conjunction with the birthday celebrations of HRH Sultan of Perak.

Yes there could be a problem with the European leagues ongoing but this could be discussed for a window as the players will be fit as they are playing in the leagues.

And these two tournaments could open the doors for clubs to entice quality local players to play in the MHL which is a break from their own leagues.

This was the practice in the early days of the MHL.

Next we have the Tun Razak Cup.

Rightfully this competition ought to be held after the states complete their domestic leagues for which they receive RM40,000 as grants.

So plan a period – from end of January to March for state leagues to be held,

And Razak Cup could be held sat somewhere in late March of early April ( depending on the fasting month) .

As for the U14 and U16 tournaments, has anyone thought why we have two age group tournaments of such short gap ages?

Why not just scrap the two and merge it back to the U15 tournament.

By doing so it saves a whole lot of money, not only for the states but the national body.

And bring back the Champion Schools Tournament as well as that would help spur development.

There are two other tournaments that need to be thought about.

The national indoor and hockey 5’s.

But this should be club based and not state based so as to make it more competitive.

And this could be played from May to September.

By the way does anyone remember that there used to be loads of quadrangle tournaments in the past?

The XA Nicholas Trophy was normally geld two weeks before the Razak Cup and served as a perfect platform to tear players.

Any chance of reviving that NSHA or even the late Satgunam Six a Side, the MT Lingam Six a Side?

One does not need positions to think of betterment of Hockey,

It’s just there right I front of you and if you have the passion to do itS

So now the ball, stick, pads is in your court.

Laid bare the suggestions towards better domestic competitions.

But it will be resisted.


Because it cane from me, that’s why.

Pride and ego matters more then the sport.