Hockey: The day we defeated Great Britain. Read to know when and where…

Often I asked this question to Hockey enthusiasts as well as the Hockey Journalists in Malaysia who claim to know everything on Hockey.

My question has been the same and simple – when was the last time Malaysia defeated Great Britain in Hockey in Great Britain?

This question cropped up after Malaysia was drawn to play against Great Britain in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Qualifiers with the two matches scheduled for November 2 and3 at the Lea Valley Hockey Stadium in London.

Below are the statistics provided by a former NST Sports Journalist Devinder Singh on his twitter that many media personal lifted without giving Devinder the due credit.

“ Malaysia have not beaten Britain in 6 previous Olympic/Qualifying matches (D3L3). Last meeting at Sydney 2000 ended 2-2

“ Met in the World League (2015) & Champions Trophy (2007) – losing both

“ Met 10 times in invitational events – 1 win at 1996 Azlan Shah Cup (won 2 pen s/outs)”

But there was one match where Malaysia defeated Great Britain.

It was a cold night in Cardiff, Wales ( for those who failed geography that’s part of Great Britain).

Two e individuals that watched that match have since passed away.

My eldest brother Gurnam Singh Dhaliwal and his Son, my Nephew Sanjeev Singh Dhaliwal.

It was in 1991 when I was in UK .

Malaysia was preparing for the Olympic Qualifiers in Auckland the same year.

Malaysia then coached by Terry Walsh was playing the reigning Olympic Champions Great Britain in Cardiff, Wales.

I remember the biting wind as I stood on the video tower, helping to video tape the match.

Malaysia scored from a penalty corner via K. Embaraj with Lim Chiow Chuan the stopper.

The sikh boys in the team, Sarjit, Jagjit, and Embaraj went over to my late brothers house to have “ chapati” the next day.

So the moral of the story is simple – we have beaten Great Britain on their home soil before.

Yes it was almost 30 years ago and despite the fact that current coach Roelant Oltmans does not believe in past results, it gives the players the psychological boost that Great Britain can be beaten in their home ground,

And despite the fact of one official constantly going on social media to lambast us ( the so called critics), please remember that we have given our heart, soul, health and wealth to the sport and not live in an imaginary world that is full of sweetness which could give verbal diabetes to anyone who believes in the fairytale ramblings so often written with disgust to those who read them.

We can defeat Great Britain and make the Olympics after a hiatus of 20 years, that’s what I wish for despite the fact that it’s going to take a huge and Herculean effort,

Never mind the fact that the imaginary individual will still be around for the next 4 years but while it will be hockey’s loss, at least the nation will gain,

There you have it, the unanswered question as to when we had beaten Great Britain on their homeland.

Trust others to lift this info without credit.