Hockey: Underhand tactics at play in Perak HA Elections

After the nation was involved in a political coup, another coup is said to be on the cards.

This time it is in sports, more specifically in Hockey.

Remember two days ago this website reported on the Perak Hockey Association elections that are to be held tomorrow ( Saturday).

We reported that at the close of nominations on Feb 27, there were two candidates vying for the President’s position.

And one candidate Ahmad Sayuti confirmed when contacted that he had received seven nominations while the incumbent Datuk Dr Azhar Ahmad received two nominations.

Hours after that article was published. Datuk Dr Azhar Ahmad sent a WhatsApp message to the Executive Board of PHA stating he was pulling out to concentrate on his career.

A noble decision indeed to prevent a split in the association.

However it is now learnt that certain quarters are trying to manipulate the entire election process by trying to bring former President Dato Rahim Mat Arif to contesr against Sayuti.

For those who may have forgotten, Rahim is the incumbent Deputy President and retained his position unopposed at the close of nominations.

Such total disregards for rules and conventions speak volumes of individuals who refuse to accept a democratic process taking place.

Hopefully Rahim will be a gentleman and refuse to accept a “ backdoor” entry into the position.

Why is there such underhand practices to deny a valid candidate from taking his rightful position?

Is this an attempt to hide certain wrong doings that could surface should someone lose his position?

The contention that Rahim will lose his position at the Asian Hockey Federation is not only stupid but a total fabrication of facts.

Did Rahim lose his AHF Council seat even though he was no longer in MHC?

Did Rahim lose his position when he was Deputy at Perak HA for the past 2 years?

This allegation or fabrication is just to prevent Sayuti from taking over, that’s a fact.

PHA risk being suspended by the Sports Commissioner for failure to carry out the elections in a fair and just manner, those in Perak Hockey must do the right thing.

Which is to remain steadfast in upholding the principles of fair play and proper governance.