Hockey : When stakeholders could not care less

Hockey is slowly being sent to a retirement home.

For those who are to be guardians of the sport have put money over everything when it comes to developing and promoting the sport and players.

Let me give readers a breakdown how I came to this conclusion.

Last year there was a decision to do away with the Division One of the Malaysia Hockey League and only retaining the Premier League.

Not a whimper of protest from the state HA’s who are the affiliates and stakeholders.

With this decision, a total of 13 teams comprising of 288 players all over the country suddenly lost a competition they could participate in.

Then in April this year, the Second Division of the Malaysian Junior Hockey League was culled, leaving only one division, not more then 14 teams.

Argument was quality over quantity but that was made a mockery as there was large score lines.

A total of 16 teams lost the opportunity to play, depriving a total of 352 players nationwide.

And presto the magic of reduction returns once again, for the 2020 MHL, once again there will only be the Premier Division and it is limited to EIGHT teams.

The top six teams from last year are automatic qualifiers, but there was only seven teams last year, so only Nur Insafi needs to play a qualifiers should others participate.

Do you hear any protest? Any statement from state Hockey associations? From those in government bodies who are to protect the interest of sports?

Nothing, none so whatsoever.

Perhaps they are busy packing their bags to make the free trip to London to watch the Olympic Qualifiers.

No one from the state HA’s turned up to cheer the national juniors at the Sultan of Johor Cup in Johor Baru with the exception of Kedah Deputy President Satish Kumar and Selangor HA Secretary Cikgu Ravi.

So with every team being allowed to play six foreign players in the MHL, some 36 players are expected to take up valuable places ( since TNB and Thunderbolts do not use foreign players).

The MHL and MJHL has been systematically seen the switching off in terms of life support.

The present Competitions administration first got rid of the National Under 21 Tournament since 2017 which was held in alternate years of the Malaysian Games.

Though there is specific committees for Indoor and Hockey 5’s, no such competitions has been held since last year, although we are the current Youth Olympic Gold Medalist for Hockey 5’s while for Indoor Hockey a National Under 16 was played for the NSC Director General Officer.

Teams and state HA officials were briefed that a new competition will be introduced , but no one hears anything since.

The question that one needs to ask is this – who makes all these decisions?

The Competitions Committee has not met for months, the Razak Cup was moved three times, the National Under 14 was awarded to Negri Sembilan but no pitch inspection was done and now has been shifted back to Kuala Lumpur.

Has anyone seen the calendar for 2020 yet?

Other countries plan their calendar two years in advance, we plan ours when those responsible decide that they feel like holding a tournament.

That’s the state of our Hockey.

Expecting changes at the November 16 Annual General Meeting ( which is overdue since May).

Do not dream in broad daylight please.

Where are the amendments to the constitution with regards to the reinstatement of a Council instead of the Executive Board that the states were assured of in April?

Perhaps it will be discussed and dropped on the plane en-route to London .

After all I had said it time and again, who cares about Hockey?

Now let’s get the phone out and see where to shop in London, where to visit,

That’s what matter, nothing else.