Hockey: Who Care’s

A game on twists and turns on the field has now a case of twists and turns in the electoral process.

From what was to be a normal electoral process for a sports body at national level, the fuss in Hockey could have been avoided if transparency, governance and principles of fair play were followed.

Let’s take it from the start,

The entire timing of the electoral process was wrong.

Knowing extremely well on September 9 that Malaysia will be playing their two qualifiers for Olympics on November 2 and 3, why were certain dates picked ?

For instance, the Executive Board had in its meeting on September 21 set November 16 as the date for the AGM.

It was a fair thing to do considering that some officials had publicly declared their vows to vacate positions had Malaysia not make the Olympics.

Then the notice for meeting was delayed, and suddenly a notice appeared, and the rush for submitting nominations started as states had only 10 days to do so,

The question one should ask you S this – just how many states adhered to their own regulations or constitutions and held their Council meetings to deliberate or discuss their nominations?

So Kuala Lumpur HA is alleged not to hold a meeting, but ask yourself just which other state did hold such meetings.

Checks reveal that Johor and Kedah had formal meetings to discuss the nominations.

Several members of councils from other states confirmed that no such meeting was held in their state,

So this itself shows that something was amiss and regulations were disregarded,

Then we come to the closing date of the nominations – set for November 2, when most of the state HA Presidents and Secretaries were in London for the Olympic Qualifiers

Yes there have been trips in the past for Hockey officials , several Nor one, but were any held in the midst of elections of the national body?

Agreed the timing was not right and it was just coincidence, but since the AGM was already a delayed one as they term ended on May 13 this year, why was it planned as such?

A delay of a week or two would not have made any difference.

As for Kedah HA, it is within their right to initiate action and lodge the necessary reports or complaints. But remember one thing – the President of Kedah HA is from Bersatu, the same political party of Sports Minister Syed Saddiq.

Dare we hope for any justice from the Minister who has kept mum on the issues regarding MAKAF, Para Council and KLFA to name a few,

We are what we are – tools of political masters, that divide and rule over us.

A pity and a shame that the sport has suffered so much of negative publicity,

And if it’s true that the son of the King is pulling out of the Deputy President position, what is there for us to say.

Who bloody cates anyway!