Hockey: Women JAC latest to be postponed

The Women’s Junior Asia Cup has been called off.

Yet another tournament to fall victim to the surge of the Covid 19 pandemic in Asia.

Serving as the qualifier for the junior World Cup in South Africa in November this year, the postponement of the Junior Asia Cup was confirmed by Asian Hockey Federation Chief Executive Officer Dato Tayab Ikram,

“ We have to be fair to participating teams and give ample notice,” said Tayab.

“ On the new dates we are in discussion with the Gifu Local Authorities as it cannot clash with the Olympics.

“ So there is a distinct possibility of it being held after the Tokyo Olympics•

Tayab also reiterated that safety and well being of a layers and officials as being the utmost concern to f the AHF.

“ Agreed almost all of our events have been moved to the second half of the year but we have given countries notice in advance,” added Tayab.

“ Unprecedented times call for tough and hard decisions to be made and one needs to understand our situation.

“ Let’s all hope and pray things improve soon.”

At present the Boys Junior Asia Cup in S scheduled for July with the Moms and Women Asian Champions Trophy in October/November.

The Asia Cups for both genders is slated to be moved as far back as January 2022 as they serve as the qualifiers for the World Cup.