Hockey World Cup; FIH look at possibility of expanding participation

There is a possibility that the number of trans in future hockey world cups will see an increase.

In the last World Cup in India, a total of 16 trans participated.

Prior to that it was a 12 team affair.

And there is a strong possibility that this number will increase to 20 come the 2022 World Cup.

The International Hockey Federation is looking at an increase in the number of trans participating.

When posed a question on number of trans for World Cup, FIH President Dr Narinder Dhruv Batra said that the present 16 may be reviewed.

“ At present it is 16, and we are studying proposals to increase it gradually,” said Batra during his visit to Kuala Lumpur.

“ There are several factors that we need to look at and one of it is the qualification system and the quality of teams participating at the highest level.”

The next World Cup will be held in either December 2022 or January 2023.

FIH is currently in the process of evaluating bids from countries who desire to host it.

“ Yes Malaysia is one country that has put in a bid for the men’s World Cup,” conformed FIH Chief Executive Officer Thierry Weil.

“ We were sad that there was lukewarm response from the spectators point of view in the recent FIH World Series in Kuala Lumpur.

“ This is one aspect that we pay particular attention to and we will surely raise this concern with Malaysia in our evaluation process.

“ If one noticed, during the last World Cup in India, the stadiums were packed despite the host country not playing and that is important to Hockey.”

On the increase of the number of teams. Thierry Weil, said that it was as a result of trans reducing the gap between themselves.

“ Look at the last World Cup, lower ranked teams played well and finished high in the final positions,” explained Thierry.

“ And it was evident in the last World Series when Italy showed they had it in them to defy the rankings and finished third.”

The World Cup for both men and women were 12 team affairs until the last edition when it was increased to 16.

As for the Junior World Cups, they had been 16 team affairs since 2013 with the 2009 edition for men being a 20 team affair jointly hosted by Malaysia /Singapore..