Honour The Gentlemen Agreement for Badminton’s Sake

A gentlemen’s agreement looks set to divide the Badminton Association of Malaysia.Two influential personalities, Dato Seri Rosmah Mansor and Khairy Jamaluddin have over the past week made statements confirming knowledge on the existence of the ” gentlemen” agreement between current BAM President Tan Sri Tengku Mahaleel, current Acting BAM President Tan Sri Al Amin and current Deputy President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria.

The very fact that the Patron of BAM, who is the Wife of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Youth & Sports have confirmed knowledge of such an agreement should put to rest any denials from the parties involved in the pact.

Individuals do not matter in sport, but when a persons word is given, then it should be honoured as often as kids and adults we are reminded of the fact that a man is as good as his word.

It does not need to be a written agreement as it was done in a true spirit of sportsmanship where at times words need not be spoken to drive home a point of FairPlay in the sporting arena.

To be fair to Al Amin, he has contributed immensely towards Badminton in this country, no one can or should deny that.

Since being the President of Perak BA, even at one time the Hon Secretary of BAM, Al Amin has had his fair share of success, failures and chances to lead BAM to glory.

But the time has come to step aside, giving others a chance and Norza fits the bill nicely.

Quiet, unassuming and approachable are just some of the traits that Norza has and more importantly he leads by example.

His hands on approach is remarkable and the energy he has is boundless as he manages his roles in the National Sports Institute ( as Chairman ), Football Association of Malaysia ( Treasurer ), Olympic Council of Malaysia ( Deputy President ) and at BAM.

He will vacate his FAM position this Saturday and has made it clear that should he be elected into BAM as its President, he is willing to vacate the ISN position as well.

So are BAM prepared to lose a person who breaths, eats, sleeps and drinks sports all day long?

No doubt the choice is ultimately to be made by the delegates at the BAM Annual General Meeting but they should weigh their options carefully.

Like it or not, there is a gentlemen agreement and those affected should Honour it, no two ways about it.

Badminton stands to lose a lot should there be a split within its ranks and the way we have been left behind by countries like Thailand, India, Japan and Korea, we cannot afford any more slip up’s.

Football has given us enough heartaches, surely we do not want Badminton to slide because of egos.

Remember there is no one person bigger than the sport, do the right thing by compromising, talk things over in a gentlemanly conduct and let the revolution begin.