I am back

This is my first attempt to pen together an article for my website since March 26.

Many speculated that I had given up penning my thoughts due to intimidation, threats and other reasons they only know best.

But it was all due to failing eyesight where my right eye had only 5 per cent sight and my left 65 percent.

Unknown to many I have had cornea and retina issues since 2014, a year before I commenced dialysis which reached its sixth year on April 22, 2015, my journey of 6 years will be documented.

Last Wednesday I underwent the first of my two procedures to rectify my eyesight, the second due this Wednesday.

So here goes some issues to be highlighted that will surely be of interest.

10 million Suit?

It seems a national sports association, after its council meeting agreeing, has filed a RM10 million suit against a sports journalist for defamation.

A letter of demand for retraction and an apology was ignored hence the suit.

More interestingly several “ fatwas” were then issued by both parties.

The newspaper concerned directed its journalists not to provide coverage to the association officials except players and coaches.

The association then issues a fatwa of their own, directing its players and officials not to talk to journalist from this paper.

The tit for tat is still ongoing.

All it takes is to sit down and talk things over,

By the way another President on the list of barred coverage by this paper could not care less about the mightier then thou approach .


Another name is now amongst the front runner for the soon to be vacant Chairman of the Malaysian Super League.

Initially it was speculated that current CEO Dato Ghani Hassan will waltz into the position with Dato Hamidin’s exit.

But now it’s said that former FAM Asst Secretary Saifuddin Abu BAKAR will be the chosen one.

Touch Referees is OK

A buzzard call

Made that’s it’s ok to touch referees but not to push them!

Has newly appointed FAM referees committee head Dato Siva Sundram let positions go to his head?

The long silence after a player was merely slapped with a 2 match suspension by Sundram was baffling and the statement it’s ok to touch but not to push was downright ludicrous.

Kindly step down Dato if you cannot heck making sensible decisions.

In approaching the referee the intent

and approach manner must be the barometer

So time for you to seek expert advice

and not crony advice.

OCM Elections

Though only scheduled for September 4, many clandestine meetings are being held by the odder of groups.

The quest of course is to take over the administration

Oddly these very people plotting to coup have been failures in their own sports but unashamedly Harbour hopes of being the new generation leaders, more details soon but remember you are being watched and monitored, even by this three quarter bling guy.

Birds of a feather flock together so what is not shocking is the marriage of convenience to gain seats of power,

Olympics , FAM and vaccination

Some 274 individuals in sports plus 74!more from FAM were provided the Covid 19 vaccination.

In the first place are 274 going to Tokyo in the first place!

Or 74 going to UAE for the Asia/World Cup qualifiers?

Let’s have the list of names made public and their roles at both events.

I for one am a high risk individual with end stage renal failure so I am peeves that cronies jump the queue to get vaccinated.

And did any journalist for either assignment get vaccinated yet in this exercise!

Over to you National Press Club or Sportswriters Association of Malaysia!

Hockey, the 3 nation friendlies.

One of the most laughable statements made was that Malaysia only had 2 days training prior to the matches.

If you want to give a lame excuse for the insipid performance then do so with facts.

Firstly kindly explain what was happening since August 15 last year in the various national call up’s’

Secondly why no fans allowed,

And now for the encore

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

It’s scheduled for June 16 to June 27, or is it.

Checks in Perak reveals no organising committee has met or formed,

So will someone take responsibility to shed light on this event please,

Finally a personal note.

I write as I do it as a hobby for justice and transparency

Due to my health reasons I make mistakes in grammar and typos.

But to hear those in the same fraternity of journalists making fun of it is truly sad.

I never invite you to read my jottings and besides you often steal info from Whats penned here.

Laugh all you want for you are mediocre in standards to say the least,